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Viewpoints: April 2019

  • The V-shaped pattern in equity prices over the past several months shows how quickly and powerfully monetary policy decisions and pronouncements nowadays influence investor expectations and decisions. The dynamic feedback loop exposes [...]

  • Global| Apr 25 2019

    State Coincident Indexes

    The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank's estimates of state coincident activity show more idiosyncratic than regional variation; in other words, there isn't a simple picture that the West is outstripping the East. Over the 12 months [...]

  • Global| Apr 19 2019

    State Labor Markets in March

    For a second straight month, state payrolls were little-changed in March. Washington’s robust increase of 27,900 (0.8 percent) was the statistically significant change. However, most states reported gains in jobs. California and Texas [...]

  • Global| Apr 08 2019

    State Personal Income

    State incomes grew strongly in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to recently released BEA data. South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska, reported double-digit annualized growth rates. New York had the lowest rate of growth, but even [...]

  • The Fed has a problem; politics has invaded its policy turf. Criticism by President Trump over the Federal Reserve decisions to hike official rates has now escalated to an even higher level as the Administration's top economic advisor [...]