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Economy in Brief

U.S. Unemployment Rate Differences Persist Between Men and Women, Young and Old
by Tom Moeller  July 7, 2014

The overall civilian unemployment rate fell sharply to 6.1% in June, down from the high of 9.6% reached during all of 2010. Improvement extends across all age brackets, though the young continue to realize relatively high rates of joblessness. Amongst teenagers the jobless rate actually jumped last month to 21.0%, its highest level since February. Moreover, the rate remained four times the 5.1% rate for those aged 25-54 years old. For young adults, aged 20-24, the jobless rate of 10.5% remained twice that for adults. For individuals aged 55 and over, the unemployment rate posted a sharp decline last month to 4.4% from 7.0% at its peak.

Groupings by male and female now show lessened differences versus the recession. The overall unemployment rate of 6.3% for men versus 5.9% for women compares to 10.5% and 8.6%, respectively, during their 2010 peaks. For adults, the difference between the male and female jobless rate shrank to nothing last month, both roughly 5.2%. At their 2010 peaks, however, the male unemployment rate of 9.3% compared to women's 7.8%. For younger age cohorts, the differences remain extreme versus 2010. The current teenage unemployment rate reflects a 23.2% rate for men and 18.7% for women. In 2010, the male unemployment rate was 28.8% versus 22.8% for females. For young adults, aged 20-24, the differences have diminished, but to lesser extents. The current 11.7% jobless rate for men compares to 9.1% for females. In 2010, men's jobless rate of 17.8% compared to 13.0% for women.

These detailed unemployment rates are available in Haver's EMPL database.

Unemployment Rate (%) Unemployment Rate - Current Unemployment Rate - 2010 Current Unemployment Rate - Men Current Unemployment Rate - Women
Total 6.1 9.6 6.3 5.9
  16-19 Years 21.0 25.9 23.2 18.7
  20-24 Years 10.5 15.5 11.7 9.1
  25-54 Years 5.1 8.6 5.1 5.2
  55 + Years 4.4 7.0 4.9 3.9
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