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Economy in Brief

UK MFG Sector Makes a Small Bounce
by Robert Brusca March 3, 2008

The UK MFG sector rebounded slightly in February although it remains a weak reading for the sector at 52.26. Readings above 50 indicated expansion on this measure. The MFG measure stands in the 61st percentile of its range, a moderately expansionary reading. Construction and services sector are still relatively weaker in their respective ranges but are as yet only available through January, not February.

MFG, Construction and Services PMI CIPS/NTC
  Monthly readings Change over: percentile
  Feb-08 Jan-08 3MO 6MO 12MO of range
MFG 51.26 50.69 -2.02 -4.75 -3.09 61.8
Construction #N/A 53.87 -3.54 -7.95 -4.03 34.3
Services* #N/A 52.46 -0.62 -4.56 -6.76 35.8
MFG range since January 1992; Construction Since April 1997 Services Since July 1995.
*Services & construction changes and ranking: Jan-08 which is the most current date.
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