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Commentary Archive

December 2007

21   Service Sector Hits the Skids in France
21   UK Consumer Confidence Continues to Plunge
21   U.S. Personal Consumption & Prices Firm, Income Light
21   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Down in December
20   Belgium Bank Index Weakens Again
20   US 3Q GDP Still Up 4.9%, Profits Still Down
20   Philadelphia Fed Index Lowest Since 2003
20   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Jumped
20   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Down
19   Gasoline Still Near $3.00 per Gallon. Longer Term, Less is Used
19   UK CBI Retail Survey Continues to Deflate Messy-nomics
19   IFO Presages Weak EMU Reading for Germany as Well
19   Italy's Orders Sag and Drop in New Quarter
18   EMU Trade Surplus Grows as Flows Slow
18   In Spite of Lower than Expected Inflation in Canada and the UK in November, Stagflation Fears Are Rising
18   U.S. Housing Starts Down As Expected in November
18   U.S. NAHB Housing Market Index Unchanged
18   U.S. Chain Store Sales Ticked Up
17   U.S. Current Account Deficit Eased Further in Q3
17   U.S. Empire State December Index Fell Sharply
17   UK Rightmove House Price Index Has Biggest Month to Month Decline since Beginning of Series
17   NTC FLASH Indices for Euro Area Manufacturing and Services - Still Struggling
17   Japan Tertiary Index Bounces
14   U.S. Industrial Production Rose 0.3% and Recouped Half of the October Decline
14   EMU Inflation Surges as Core Dallies Over Top-Allowed Pace
14   CBI Survey Shows Industrial Slowing and Lingering Inflation
14   U.S. CPI Total & Core Slightly Above Expectations
13   RICS House Prices Sag Badly
13   U.S. PPI Total Surged, Core Firm
13   U.S. Retail Sales Beat Expectations, Sales of Discretionary Items Firm
13   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Remained High
12   Japan's Exports Continue to Outpace Imports
12   U.S. Trade Deficit Deepened Slightly in October
12   U.S. Import Prices Boosted in November by Oil
11   Federal Funds Rate Lowered to 4.25%
11   Pessimism Increases in the Financial Community of the Euro Area
11   Economy Watchers Index Drops Sharply in Japan
11   Machinery Orders in Japan Grow but Core Orders Still Struggle
11   Small Business Optimism Lowest Since 1993
11   U.S. Chain Store Sales Remained Low
11   Real GDP Slowing in Turkey, Estonia and Russia Inflation Moderating in Turkey, but Rising in Estonia and Russia
10   U.S. Pending Home Sales Ticked Higher, Again
10   German IP Trends Caught in Cross Currents
10   OECD LEIs Are Sagging
10   French IP Jumps in October
07   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Down Hard
07   U.S. Payrolls Increase Light, Unemployment Steady
06   German Orders JUMP!
06   U.S. Mortgage Foreclosures: Conventional Up, Subprime Soared
06   US Flow of Funds: Debt Growth Back Up Due To Financial Sector
06   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Highest Since 2005
05   UK Service Sector Index Falls Sharply Again and May Be Signaling That More Losses Lie Ahead
05   U.S. Factory Inventory Gain Moderate
05   Retail Sales Enthusiasm is Cut Short...
05   ADP Report: Private Payroll Growth Improved Further
05   Challenger Layoffs Picked Up Modestly
05   Q3 Productivity Revised Up, Unit Labor Costs Revised Down
05   U.S. ISM Non-manufacturing Index Slipped, Prices Soared
04   Are the Gulf States About to Abandon Their Dollar Pegs?
04   U.S. Vehicle Sales Still Driven By Gasoline Prices
04   Euro Area PPI Sails Well Above 2% Pace
04   UK Sector Downdraft Still Seems to be in Play
04   EU Unemployment is Stable
04   U.S. Chain Store Sales Collapsed, But Did They?
03   Japanese Corporations Report Lower Profits and Capital Spending
03   ISM Index Still Low at an Expected 50.8

November 2007

30   IFO Index Continues to Slip; Components Show Weakness
30   Trichet on a Hot Tin Roof
30   Euro-Consumer Confidence Hits the Skids
30   EU Sentiment is Fading Fast
30   U.S. Construction Spending Down in October, But Stabilizing?
30   Chicago Purchasing Managers Survey Improved
30   U.S. Personal Income Light, Real DPI Down and Real PCE Easier
29   UK: CBI Retail Sales Hold Steady and Strengthen
29   Japan IP Sharply High in the Month of October
29   French Consumer Confidence in Abrupt About Face
29   Home Price Appreciation Slowest in Three Years
29   US Home Sales Ticked Up in October, Revisions Way Down
29   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Surged
29   US 3Q GDP Up 4.9%: Trade & Inventories Boosted Revision, Profits Fell
28   The German Condition...
28   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Down Big for Second Month
28   Existing Home Sales Down and So Goes Prices
27   U.S. Chain Store Sales Dipped
27   Gasoline Held Above $3.00 per Gallon
27   German Indices Show Some Unexpected Life... but not That Much
27   Business Climate Perks up in France
27   German Flash HICP Soars...
27   Consumer Confidence Crumbled With Lower Home Prices
26   UK GDP Grows 3%
26   Mexico and Chile: Balances of Payments
26   U.S. Loan Delinquencies Up, Real Estate Soared
26   Chicago Fed National Activity Index Negative for Third Month
23   UK Banks Sharply Restrain Mortgage Lending in October
23   Services Slip: E-zone PMIs are Weak
21   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Fell Again
21   Japanese Trade Surplus Widens in October with Strong Exports to China and Europe
21   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Remained Depressed
20   Italy's Orders Growth Slows as Foreign Orders Hold Erratically Higher
20   French Orders Weaken
20   UK Orders Bounce Higher in Survey Unexpectedly
20   German PPI Drifts Lower but no Clear Deceleration is in Sight
20   U.S. Housing Starts Total Up Unexpectedly; Single Family & Permits Down
19   U.S. NAHB Housing Market Index Stable At Record Low
19   U.S. Empire State Index Off Modestly, Expectations Plummet
19   Singapore's Balance of Payments Continues Strong
19   German Wage and Salary Trends Turn Lower...
16   The EMU Trade Surplus Shrinks
16   Foreign Investors Renew Commitment to US Markets, Albeit Limited, According to New TIC Data
16   U.S. Industrial Production Decline Broad and Unexpected
16   U.S. Business Inventories' Increase Moderate
15   EMU 'Core' Inflation Trends Are Mixed... But Still Poor
15   Japan's Tertiary Sector Echoes Weakness in MFG and Mining
15   Kazakhstan's Oil and Metals Exports Bring Revenue for Investment Spending
15   Philadelphia Fed Index Recovered Slightly
15   U.S. CPI Rise of 0.3% As-expected, 0.2% Core Also In Line
15   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Jump
14   Fed's Loan Officer Survey Shows Drastic Tightening of Mortgage Lending, Weakening of Banks' Mortgage Demand
14   European Car Registrations Put in Another Good Month
14   U.S. Pending Home Sales Stabilize
14   U.S. Retail Sales About As Expected
14   U.S. PPI Total & Core Weak
13   Inflation Trends Turn Bleak in the Euro Area...
13   German Sales Trends Improving; But Still a Moderate Quarter
13   Economic Sentiment Among the German Financial Community Takes a Tumble in November
13   U.S. Chain Store Sales Eased
13   Small Business Optimism Held Low, Credit Problems Eased
12   Japanese Consumers Becoming More Pessimistic
12   Commodity Prices: Oil Up, Most Other Inflation Forces Topped
12   OECD Shifts to Slowdown Signal
09   Michigan Consumer Sentiment in Full Retreat
09   U.S. Import Price Inflation Heated Up
09   U.S. September Trade Deficit Smallest Since 2005
08   German Trade Surplus Rises Strongly on Weak Imports
08   Japan's Economy Watcher's Index on a Decline
08   Japan Orders Remain Weak
08   U.S. Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Drop
07   Turkey Foreign Trade Volumes Moderate in September
07   German Mfg IP Turns its Trend Higher Unexpectedly
07   Q3 Productivity Stronger, Unit Labor Costs Fell
06   EMU Retail Sales Remain Sluggish
06   EMU PPI on an Accelerating Trend...
06   German Manufacturing New Orders and Sales Declined in September
06   JOLTS: Job Openings Unchanged, Hires Rate Depressed
06   Gasoline Above $3.00 per Gallon, Again
06   U.S. Chain Store Sales Recovered
05   Signs of Cooling in the British Economy
05   U.S. ISM Non-manufacturing Index Improved Slightly
02   PMIs in MFG are All Losing Momentum... but Still Showing Growth
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Down
02   EU Registrations Up in August but Still with Challenged Trend
02   U.S. Payrolls Rose Double Expectations
01   UK Distributive Trade Sector Shows a Slowdown
01   UK MFG Survey Turns Lower
01   Australian Economy Remains Strong, But Strong A$ May Already Be Generating Some Restraint
01   U.S. Personal Spending Up 0.3%, Income Rose 0.4%
01   ISM Index Near "No Growth" Level
01   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Still Higher

October 2007

31   German Retail Sales Show Unexpected Lift
31   UK Consumer Confidence Stays in a Downdraft
31   Sentiment Slips but Flash Inflation Flares
31   EU Readings Still Strong... but FADING
31   U.S. Employment Cost Index Moderates to 0.8% Quarterly Increase
31   US GDP Growth Boosted Again by Improved Trade Deficit
31   ADP Report: Private Payroll Growth Much Improved
30   IFO Details Begin to Show Cracks...
30   German Wholesale Sales Falter Again
30   September Unemployment Rates in Japan and in Germany Pose Problems for Central Banks
30   Consumer Confidence Tanked as Gasoline Prices Rose & Home Prices Fell
30   U.S. Chain Store Sales Sustain Lower Level, Gasoline Prices Up Again
29   U.K. Housing Market Cooling Off
29   Japan Retail Sales Edge Back in Sept... Is Slowing Trend Still in Place?
29   France's Service Sector Holds Its Strength
26   Spain Employment Up 3.1% from Year Ago; Spanish Workers and Immigrants Both Gain
26   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Added To Decline in Early October
26   U.S. Help-Wanted Advertising Remained Low
25   Freight Charges Skyrocket; Baltic Indexes Surge to Records
25   Germany: Ex-Energy Inflation Trends are Turning Lower; International Prices First
25   French Biz Climate Indicator Holds Mostly Steady
25   IFO Survey Shows Weakness is Still in Train... but at Moderate Pace
25   U.S. Home Sales Stable at Lower Level, Revisions Down
25   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Down Big for Second Month
25   U.S. Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Remained High
24   NTC Indexes for the Euro area are Very Weak
24   Existing Home Sales Drop 8% in September; All Regions Feel the Pain
24   Italy's Biz Index in a Small, Unconvincing Rebound
23   EMU Orders Begin to Show Wear and Tear
23   Italy's Retail Sales Show a Slowdown in Progress
23   Consumer Confidence Holds Steady in October in the Netherlands and Italy
23   U.S. Chain Store Sales Lost Steam as Gasoline Prices Ticked Up
22   German Real Wages Slide Lower Y/Y and Plunge in Current Quarter
22   Are China's Imports Becoming a Problem?
22   U.S. Loan Delinquencies & Foreclosures Soar
19   UK GDP Maintains 0.8% Growth in Q3; Industry Sectors Rotate Leadership
19   U.S. Empire State Index Improved
18   Philadelphia Fed Index Dipped
18   UK Retail Sales Accelerate
18   EMU Trade Surplus Grows as Imports Steady and Exports Accelerate
18   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Rose
18   U.S. Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Jump
17   TIC Data Show Foreign Investors Made the Same Kinds of Decisions in August that Domestic Investors Did
17   Japan's MFG and Services Sectors Show Some Strength
17   U.S. Housing Starts Lowest Since 1992
17   U.S. CPI Gain Quickest Since May, Core Rate 0f 0.2% Stable
16   EMU Inflation Trends a Narrow Line
16   UK Core Inflation Trends Turn Sharply Lower
16   Confidence Among German Investors Holds Steady: Slight Improvement in Profit Expectations
16   Weekly U.S. Chain Store Sales Recovered Smartly
16   U.S. Industrial Production Gain Minimal
15   Italy's Inflation: Overall Under Control With Some Underlying Erosion
15   BOF Survey Moves Lower and Is Barley Higher Yr/Yr
15   Japanese Industrial Production and Domestic Trade up but BoJ Holds Interest Rate Steady
15   U.S. Business Inventories' Increase Down With Slower Sales Growth
15   U.S. Budget Deficit Narrowed Sharply
12   Mr. Gore's Nobel Prize Occasions a Look at Haver's Energy & Environment Data
12   French Inflation Turns Higher But Not Really...
12   Euro Area PPI Behaves in August
12   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Down
12   U.S. Retail Sales Beat Forecasts, But Nonauto Sales Weak
12   U.S. PPI Strong, Core Weak
11   Tighter Monetary Policy in South Africa, Where Inflation, Growth and Credit Expansion All Look Strong
11   UK RICS Survey Shows Price Drop and Expectations Lower for Sales and Future Prices
11   Still No Life in German Retail Sales
11   U.S. Import Price Deflation Ended by Lower Dollar
11   U.S. Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Down
11   U.S. August Trade Deficit Smallest Since January
10   New Bank of England Credit Survey Shows Tightening Availability Amidst Mixed Demand from Borrowers
10   Germany's DIHK Survey Points to Slowdown
10   IP in Euro Area Still Growing Despite Slowing Signs
10   U.S. Gasoline Prices Move Further Sideways
09   A Dip in Germany's Surplus and a Small Improvement in France's Deficit
09   Japan's Economy Watcher's Index Drops for Sixth Month in a Row
09   Weekly U.S. Chain Store Sales Roughly Unchanged: Again
09   U.S. Small Business Optimism Reduced by Credit Problems
08   Inflation Trends in Emerging Markets
08   German Orders Still Strong but Definitely Fading...
05   French Household Confidence Takes Sharp Reversal
05   OECD Indicators Show Moderation in Growth Ahead
05   Euro-Area Banks Tighten Lending Policies, According to Latest ECB Survey
05   September U.S. Payrolls and Revisions Up
04   Housing Starts by State: Weak, Yes, But Gains in August Where You Wouldn't Expect
04   U.S. Pending Home Sales Collapse
04   U.S. Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Up, Perhaps Rehiring as Well
03   Australia Retail Sales Show Some Vigor Through August
03   European Retail Sales Remained Mixed
03   Service Sector Weakens in Europe
03   ADP Report: Private Payroll Growth Smallest Since 2003
03   U.S. ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Dipped
03   U.S. Vehicle Sales Flat; Truck Sales Down, Cars Up
02   Euro Area PPI Behaves in August
02   Profitability of all Nonfin UK Corp Record High in the Second Quarter
02   Weekly U.S. Chain Store Sales Remained Low
01   Broad Slowdown in Euro-area MFG
01   UK MFG Drops Off but Remains in a Growth Profile
01   A Mixed Picture From the Bank of Japan's TANKAN
01   ISM Index Slightly Weaker

September 2007

28   The German IFO Index Shows a Broad Weakening
28   EU Growth and Inflation Conditions
28   Chicago Purchasing Managers Survey Ticked Up
28   Money Markets: Has the Crisis Passed?
28   U.S. Construction Spending Recovered A Bit
28   U.S. Personal Income Rise of 0.3% Missed Expectations
27   Euro Rises as Money Growth Accelerates... Dollar Drops and Money Growth Slows
27   Employment Up, Unemployment Down in Germany; But Does the Better Jobs Situation Spur Spending
27   US Homes Sales Still Weakening...but at a Progressively Slower Pace
27   Despite Q2 Spurt Trend the U.S. is Slowing
26   Business Confidence Weakens in France & Italy
26   Durable Goods Orders Drop by 4.9% in August after 6.1% Spurt in July
25   Confidence Drops Off Sharply
25   German Business Confidence Continues to Erode
25   Existing Home Sales Weakness Accelerates in the West
24   No Surprise: Manufacturing New Orders for the Total Euro Area Decline
24   Belgium National Bank Index Softens
24   Euro area Orders Show a Loss in Momentum in July
24   U.S. Inflation Fears: The Data Behind Them
21   Japan is Losing Momentum Across Sectors
21   Canada's Retail Trade Falls 0.8% in July, But Could Be Simple Offset to Earlier Strength
21   NTC Measures Plunge in September - Back to Central Banking School?
21   Philadelphia Fed Index Improved
20   Personal Income Growth Slows in Most States in Q2
20   French Orders Continue to Rise Year-Over-Year
20   In the UK, CBI Orders are Fading Over All Major Horizons
20   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Fell Sharply
20   U.S. Initial Claims For Jobless Insurance Fell
19   U.S. CPI Total -0.1%, Core Up 0.1503%
19   Italy's Orders Show Volatility as Domestic Orders Slow
19   German PPI ex Energy Pressures are Back
19   U.S. Housing Starts Fall Yet Again
18   FOMC: Funds & Discount Rates Cut; Spread of Housing Weakness Feared
18   Weekly U.S. Chain Store Sales Fell Sharply
18   U.S. NAHB Housing Market Index Down, Prospects Gloomy
18   Pessimism Grows in the German Financial Community: Zew Measure Falls to -18.1
18   U.S. PPI Fell Sharply; Core Prices Tame, Food Down, Oil Cratered
17   Baltic Current Account Deficits in the Stratosphere
17   U.S. Empire State Index Down Sharply This Month
17   Euro Area Exports and Imports Revive as Surplus Erodes
17   U.S. Import Price Inflation Tame
14   U.S. Current Account Deficit Eases in Q2
14   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Up Slightly in September
14   U.S. Industrial Production Up An Expected 0.2%, But ...
14   Italy's IP Remains Weak, Extends Trend
14   German Core Inflation Breaks Lower - is it for real?
14   EMU Headline Inflation Moves Lower as Core Moves Higher: Fiddle Dee Dee?
14   U.S. Retail Sales in Line With Forecasts in August but Trend Down
13   UK Survey Shows Net Reduction in House Prices; Construction Orders Already Down
13   Will Gasoline Prices Continue To Fall?
13   France HICP Slowing but Unruly and over the ECB Ceiling Pace of 2%
13   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Remained Low
12   India's Industrial Sector Downshifts in July After Spring Acceleration
12   Euro Area Output Rebounds in July
12   Japan's Export and Import Growth Slow Then Rebound and Steady
12   JOLTS: Job Openings Unchanged, Hires Rate Improved (Slightly)
11   French Exports and Import Rebound... Imports Outpace
11   UK Exports and Imports Accelerate Again - Deficit Slips
11   Japan's Core Machinery Orders Rebound
11   China Wraps up a near Record Total Trade Surplus and Record Surpluses with the U.S. and Europe
11   Small Business Optimism Down
11   Weekly Chain Store Sales Rose
11   U.S. Trade Deficit Continued to Narrow
10   Italy's GDP Snakes Below 2% Year-over-year
10   French IP Bucks Trends with Large Gain
10   Japan's Revised Q2 GDP Declines 1.2% (SAAR): Economy Watchers Wary
10   Since When has Employment been a Leading Indicator?
07   OECD LEIs Show Upswing Has Topped Out... in July
07   Industrial Production Growth Slips in Germany
07   Payrolls Fall 4,000 in August; Revisions Take Away 81,000 More
06   UK IP on Extended Fading Growth Trend
06   U.S. Q2 Productivity Revised Up, But So Was Compensation
06   U.S. ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Unchanged
06   U.S. Initial Claims For Jobless Insurance Fell Sharply
06   German New Orders: The Thrill is Gone
05   How Much Have Home Values Changed? -- Well, It Depends . . . .
05   Services Indexes for Euro area and the UK
05   EU Retail Trends: At Odds
05   ADP Report: Private Payroll Growth Smallest Since 2003
05   U.S. Vehicle Sales Better Bleak Newspaper Headlines
04   Euro area PPI ex Energy is Excessive but Slowly Behaving
04   U.S. Construction Spending Declined Again
04   Slovakia Continues its Fast Pace of Growth: Difference Between Eurostat and Country Sourced Data
04   ISM Index Down Slightly; As Expected

August 2007

31   U.S. Personal Income Gains 0.5% in July; Spending Recovers from June Weakness
31   IFO Detail Slows Some Slippage Amid Strength
31   EU Index Near a High but Losing Momentum
30   US GDP Growth Revised Up, Profit Growth Slowed
30   Consumer Confidence is Retreating in Italy
30   Japan Retail Sales Drop Sharply
29   Confidence Measures in Sweden Hover Near All-Time Highs
29   World Liquidity
28   French Housing Starts Jump
28   German Business Types less Pessimistic about the Outlook than Financial Types
28   Consumer Confidence Fell
28   U.S. Weekly Chain Store Sales Up, Gasoline Prices Down
27   Spain's PPI: Eases Monthly Pace in July but Still Too Strong
27   China's Trade Balance Dips in July but Is Still Third Highest on Record
27   U.S. Existing Home Sales Slipped Less Than Expected Last Month
24   Yr/Yr UK GDP Growth Holds Steady
24   German Export and Import Prices Misbehave
24   Borrowing at the Fed: Some Arithmetic
24   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Better Due To Transportation
24   New Home Sales and Prices Up
23   Borrowings at the Federal Reserve Largest in 6 Years; Big Drops in Commercial Paper Outstanding
23   U.S. Loan Delinquencies Up Slightly, But Still Low
23   German GDP Rebound Still Not Supported by the Consumer
23   Belgian National Bank Index Declines in August
23   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Fell Slightly
22   Japanese Trade Picture Murky: Rising World Commodity Prices Push Imports Higher
22   Euro Orders are Quite Firm Within the Zone but Extremely Strong for "Exports"
21   Euro Area Export and Import Growth Both Tic Up in June
21   Market Turmoil Shakes Confidence of German Investors and Analysts
21   U.S. Weekly Chain Store Sales Ticked Up, As Did Gasoline Prices
20   French Industrial Orders Pop in June
20   Contrasting Balance of Payments for Greece and Taiwan
20   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Rose
20   Chicago Fed National Activity Index Negative, Again
17   German PPI Steadies at Above 2% Pace
17   Where Does the Oil Come From?
17   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Fell Sharply, Fed's Discount Rate Cut
16   TIC Data Show Sizable Foreign Interest in US Securities Even Through June; Hong Kong, Russia & Brazilian Investors Major Buyers
16   HICP is Losing Momentum
16   UK Real Retail Sales Pop in July
16   Philadelphia Fed Index Unexpectedly Steady
16   U.S. Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Rose Again
16   U.S. NAHB Housing Market Index Lowest Since 1991
16   U.S. Housing Starts At Ten Year Low
15   Daily Fed Open Market Operations: The Pattern of Fed Liquidity Provision
15   U.S. Industrial Production Up Expected 0.3%
15   U.S. Empire State Index Slipped This Month
15   U.S. Mortgage Application Surge Questionable
15   German Retail Sales Rebound in June
15   CPI Total 0.1%, Core Rose 0.2%
14   European GDP Growth Slows More Than Expected
14   French Long-term HICP Trend Moves Lower
14   UK Inflation Turns Sharply Lower
14   U.S. PPI Above Forecasts; Weak Core Prices As Expected
14   U.S. Trade Deficit Narrowed
14   U.S. Small Business Optimism in July Recovered
14   Weekly Chain Store Sales Fell Despite Lower Gas Prices
13   Japan: Will the BOJ Raise Rates in the Face of a Bigger than Expected Drop in Real GDP and Only Little Progress on Deflation?
13   U.S. Inventory Accumulation Continued
13   U.K. PPI Trends are Pretty Flat
13   U.S. Budget Deepened in July
13   U.S. July Retail Sales Improved, June Revised Up
10   Fed Funds Futures Price in Easing, Dealer Trading Volume Favors Treasuries: More on Haver's Short-Term Financial Data
10   Japan IP Rebounds in June but still has Uncertain Momentum
10   Industrial Production Slips and Slows in France
10   OECD Leading Indicators Point the Way Higher
10   U.S. Import Prices Boosted in July By Oil
09   2006 Housing Stock Has Smallest Gain in 11 Years, But Housing Stock per Household Continues To Grow
09   After a SURGE, UK Export and Import Growth Plummeted and Has Begun to Recover
09   U.S. Claims for Jobless Insurance Exceed Expectations
08   CPI Inflation Restrained in Czech Republic, Moderate in Lithuania and Very Fast in Latvia
08   French Imports Out Jump Exports
08   Japan Core Machinery Orders Remain Lethargic
08   German Surplus in Trade Remained in June
08   JOLTS: Job Openings Up, Hires Rate Down
08   Japan Economy Watchers Index in Steady Decline
08   U.S. Mortgage Applications Surge
07   German IP Weakens as Orders Surge
07   Business Confidence in the Euro Area Falls in July but Is Still Healthy
07   Chain Store Sales Rebound, Strong
07   U.S. Productivity Missed 2Q Estimate, Cost Increase Fastest Since 2000
06   June manufacturing New Orders in Germany Rise Sharply While Sales Show a Small Decline
06   Inflation Concerns are Forward Looking. Recent Trends Favorable
06   UK IP Restores Momentum
06   Italy's IP Growth Sinks
03   Euro Area Services Sector Points to Slow Down but Slower Slow Down
03   Euro Area Retail Sales Stay in Slowdown Mode
03   Gasoline Prices Ease Further; Refining Margins Reduced
03   ISM Nonmanufacturing July Index Below Forecasts
03   July Payrolls a Bit Light, Revisions Minor
02   Swedish GDP Grows 1.0% in Q2, Led by Fixed Investment and Exports of Services
02   PPI Trends Flatten Out and Decline Across EMU
02   U.S. Factory Inventory Growth Recovered
02   U.S. Claims for Unemployment Insurance Rose Slightly
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Suffer Housing Market Woes
01   Greater Risk Evident in (1) More Stock Options Volatility, (2) Wider Yield Spreads and (3) Sluggish House Prices
01   Mortgage Applications Down Again
01   Challenger Layoffs Retreated
01   ADP Report: Growth in Private Payrolls Eased
01   ISM Index Down Sharply

July 2007

31   Consumer Confidence Rebounded
31   French Household Confidence Reverses its Upswing
31   IFO Detail Fills in the Missing Pieces for Germany's Trends... Strong but Slowing
31   EU Indexes Remain High-valued, but Main Index also Edges Lower, Pace Slows
31   U.S. Employment Cost Index Up an Expected 0.9%
31   U.S. Personal Income About On Forecast, Core Prices Again Up 0.1%
30   U.S. Help-Wanted Advertising Reverses Improvement
27   Japan: CPI and Retail Sales Weaken--Discouragingly
27   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Up During July
27   US 2Q07 GDP Above Expectations
26   Germany's IFO: Still Strong but Showing Erosion
26   Industry Employment in Canada Shows Manufacturing Upturn in May, Somewhat Slower Growth in Services
26   New Home Sales and Prices Fell
26   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Missed Forecasts
26   U.S. Jobless Insurance Claims Fell Again
25   Korea GDP Up 1.7% in Q2; Maintaining 4-5% Annual Pace, Country Sees Its Credit Rating Raised
25   Italy's Business Confidence Indicator Falls
25   INSEE Biz Index Holds its Ground: Uptrend Intact
25   Mortgage Applications Lowest Since February
25   Chicago Fed National Activity Index Improved
25   Existing Home Sales Fell Again in June, Lowest Since 2002
24   Weekly Chain Store Sales Tick Down as Gas Prices Fell
24   EMU Orders Continue Strong
23   Mass Layoffs Creep Higher
20   UK GDP: the Harry Potter Economy?
20   Philadelphia Fed Index Fell Further Than Expected
20   Italy's Orders Are on a Broad Slowing Trend
20   French Orders Continue Strong
19   Treasury TIC Data: Record Purchases of US Securities; Country Mix Highlights Rising China, Diminishing Japan
19   EMU Trade Balance Moves Lower but is Still in Uptrend
19   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Fell Again
19   UK Retail Sales
19   Jobless Insurance Claims Down Further
18   Employment Rises Sharply in UK, Unemployment Down
18   Italy's Exports and Imports Slow, but Exports Still Exceed
18   Mortgage Applications Up Slightly
18   Total Housing Starts Uptick All Multi-Family, Single-Family Down
18   CPI Total & Core Up 0.2%
17   METI Sector Surveys Show Some Weakness in May
17   Industrial Production Rebounded In June
17   NAHB Housing Market Index Fell Again
17   Confidence Among the German Financial Community Weakens in July
17   Lower Energy Prices Eases U.S. PPI; Core Prices Firm
16   HICP Trends Show Pressure
16   Favorable Trends in the Philippine Balance of Payments
16   Empire State Index Adds To June Surge
16   U.S. Inventory Accumulation Showed Some Life
13   EMU Inflation Trends Show Success and Reason to be Wary...
13   Bank of France Business Index is Flat in June
13   Gasoline Prices Stay Below Peaks; Will July & August Reverse This Improvement?
13   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Rebounded
13   U.S. Import Prices Jumped Again in June
13   U.S. Budget Reverse May Shortfall
13   U.S. June Retail Sales Fell After Huge Gain in May
12   India's Industrial Production Up "Only" 11.1% in May
12   German Retail Sales Slow Sharply and Disappoint
12   Euro area Industrial Production
12   U.S. Trade Deficit Deepened As Expected
12   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Lowest Since May
11   CPI in Hungary and Czech Republic: Up, Down or Sideways?
11   Japan's Trade Trends Tell the Story as its Current Account Surplus Rises
11   Challenger Layoffs Down
11   JOLTS: Job Openings & Hires Firm
11   Mortgage Applications Up Slightly
10   China's Trade Surplus Continues to Climb
10   IP in Key EU Nations Trends Lower
10   German PPI Flattens Out
10   No Gas in Weekly Chain Store Sales
10   Small Business Optimism Fell In June
09   Germany's Trade Balance Improves in May: Exports to Asia and the U.S. Still below Peak Levels
09   German IP is Up but Less than Expected and is Lagging Orders Growth
09   Economy Watchers Index Edges Lower and Future Index Weakens
06   French Trade Deteriorates While German Foreign Orders Soar
06   Who Says Manufacturing Growth Is All in Asia? German Factory Orders Up Markedly in May
06   June Payrolls Beat Forecasts. Prior Months Revised Up
06   OECD LEIs (Trend restored leading indicators)
05   Japan's LEI Rose in May: Signal Still Uncertain
05   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Indicates Strength in Services
05   U.S. Vehicle Sales Lowest Since 2005
05   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Up Slightly
04   Euro Area Retail Sales Slow
03   Unemployment Rates in the European Union: Developed Vs. Emerging Countries
03   U.S. Factory Inventory Gain Slowed With Negative Shipment Growth
03   U.S. Chain Store Sales Recovered
03   PPI and Core Rise by 0.3% in May. Should the ECB be Worried?
02   Japan's Tankan Survey: Confidence among Large Manufactures Remains Strong: Actual Results Continue Better than Forecast
02   National PMI Up Slightly

June 2007

29   New HICP is 1.9% Y/Y in June
29   Household Confidence in France
29   UK Consumer Confidence Drops to -3 in June from -2
29   Construction Spending Up 0.9% in May, Much Better Than Expected
29   EU Sentiment Reading is Strong in June at 114.9 but Off from 115.0 in May
29   Chicago PMI Off at 60.32 from 61.7
29   PCE Report is Weaker Than Expected With Good Inflation
28   "I'm Going To Buy That House Whether I Can Afford It or Not!" "And I'm Going To Lend You the Money!"
28   Germany's IFO Detail Shows Strong Readings but Slipping Momentum
28   Japan's Industrial Production Falls by 0.4%. Third m/m Drop in a Row
28   U.S. GDP Revision Ticks Growth up to +0.7%
27   Hints of Improvement in Japanese Retailing as May Sales Show Gain from Year-Ago
27   France's Service Sector
27   U.S. Durable Goods: Month Down, Trends Still Up - but for How Long?
26   Not a Shining Moment for Confidence
26   U.S. Housing Slowing Bouncing Maintaining Its Rise...
26   Business and Consumer Confidence in Italy and the Netherlands
26   German Export and Import Price Inflation
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales
25   Inflation Trends in Asia, ex Japan
22   IFO Index Drops to 107 from 108.6
22   South Africa Maintains 5% GDP Growth Trend, with 20% Gains in Fixed Investment
22   European Orders Fall by 0.4% in April
22   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Up for Second Time This Year
21   Philadelphia Fed Index Highest Since Early 2005
21   European Retail Sales
21   ISAE Consumer Confidence in Italy
21   UK, Euro-Zone Industrial Surveys Show Improvement in June
21   U.S. Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Higher
20   European PPIs: Energy Hits Early in Germany and Relief Is Already Evident; Estonia and Slovenia Postpone Impact, But Now It Lingers
19   German Financial Community Turns Less Optimistic
19   Starts Drop by 2.1%, But Appear to be Moving Sideways
18   The New Zealand Dollar Appreciates, the Japanese Yen Depreciates
18   NAHB Index Edges Lower as Housing Remains Weak
15   The US Current Account Deficit Rises Slightly in 2007
15   Industrial Production Flat for May, But Still Looks Promising, Even Among Recently Weak Sectors
15   Empire strikes back!
15   CPI Subdued as Weak Goods Prices Swamp Flaring Services Pressures
14   Mortgage Delinquencies Ease in Q1; Subprime Sector Continues To Deteriorate
14   Core Consumer price inflation edges lower at producer level... but inflation's breadth is not well-contained
13   Brazil's Q1 GDP Growth Eases, but Remains Surprisingly Buoyant; Fixed Investment Leads
13   U.S. Inventory Cycle: At Its End?
13   U.S. Export and Import Prices Trends Show Growing Pressure
13   Quite Simply U.S. Retail Trade Data and Trends Tell the Story
12   Rises in the Japanese Corporate Goods Prices Index (CGPI) Are Yet to Be Reflected in the CPI
12   JOLTS Headlines Weaker Than Report Itself Seems...
12   NFIB - Small Bounce, but Still in Downtrend
11   Is Growth in the Euro Area peaking?
08   Japan's Surveys Falter Again...
08   Turkish Industrial Production Pauses after Earlier Surge; National Economy Expanding and Diversifying
08   Trade Deficit SHRINKS. Real Exports Outpace Real Imports
07   Slight Relief for Gasoline Prices as Inventories Loosen. But What Is Happening to West Texas Intermediate?
07   Wholesale Inventories Signal Smoother Sailing
06   Australia GDP Up 1.6% in Q1; Best Quarter in 3 Years
06   Challenger Lay Offs Stay Elevated
06   Productivity is Down and Unit Labor Costs are Up
05   April Retail Trade in the Euro Area Picks Up: Trade in Other Eu Countries Slows
05   Non MFG ISM strength is cycling higher - so are prices
04   Indonesia's Trade Balance Rises: Malaysia's Declines Reflecting Composition of Exports
04   U.S. Factory Orders Show Life Again
01   EA-13 Growth 0.6% in Q1; Inventories and Fixed Investment Drive Gain
01   PCE Trends Steady Despite a Dip in Income Growth
01   ISM - Is it Breaking Out of its Doldrums?
01   FINALLY-A Jobs Report That Adds Up

May 2007

31   India GDP Accelerates in Q1; FY2006 Growth Most in 18 Years
31   U.S. Construction Spending is RISING! Fancy that!
31   GDP Growth Rate is HALVED!
30   Japan's Labor Market Looks Its Best in Several Years, but Industry May Have Lost Steam
29   Conference Board Index Rises in May; April Revised Higher
25   Bank Loan Delinquencies & Charge-Offs Increase in Q1, But Remain Lower than During Last Recession; Great Variation by Loan Type
25   Existing Home Sales S(t)ink
25   German Import Prices Surge, and Is All Oil... but That Misses the Point
24   Canada Corporations Operating Profits Bolstered by Higher Commodity Prices, but ROE Edges Down
24   New Home Sales Jump and Prices Dive. Bad News as Good?
24   U.S. Durable Goods Orders: Rise and Shine: A New Dawn?
23   U.S. Mass Corporate Layoffs Still Are Subdued
23   Chile GDP Growth Picks Up in Q1; Copper Up, but Other Sectors Also Expanding
22   Richmond Fed MFG Index Rose to -10 From -11
22   Italian Consumer Confidence Up in May
22   European Surveys of Business and Consumer Confidence Show Increases in Optimism
21   Singapore: Latest of Pacific Rim Countries to Report First Quarter GDP
18   Gasoline Price Hits New Record, as Springtime Inventories Are Low
18   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Bounced Back but Current Conditions Slip
17   Japan's Growth a Bit Slower than Expected, but Encouraging Forces in Place
17   U.S. LEI Weakness in April... One Trick Pony
17   Philly Index Points Way Higher
16   UK "Claimant"-Based Unemployment Down, but Total Employment Sagging
16   U.S. Industrial Production Surges Across the Board - Turning Point?
16   U.S. Housing Starts Rise, Permits Fall
15   Empire State Index Bounces Back
15   First Quarter 2007 Growth in Europe's GDP Stronger than Expected
15   Japan Core Machinery Orders
15   CPI Core Remains on the Razor's Edge
14   Germany's Retail Sales Flounder
14   E-zone Industrial Production Shows Some Signs of Topping
14   Japan's Current Account Surplus at an All Time High
11   PPI: Sheep in wolf's clothing
11   Inventories slow further... they decline
11   Record Tax Collections Bring Large Monthly Budget Surplus for Federal Government
11   U.S. Retail Sales: Weak in April but Stronger in March
10   OECD Leading Indicators
10   Inflation in Scandinavia Experiences Mild Swings
10   U.S. Import Prices Up 1.3% M/M
10   U.S. Trade Gap Widens on Oil and Without Oil
09   Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Oil and Gas Data Added to Haver Offerings; Crucial Cushion to Energy Supplies
09   German Trade Flows Dive, but Imports Dive Faster
08   JOLTS Data Show Some Softening in Labor Market Conditions
08   U.S. Wholesale Inventories & Sales: No Bad News
08   NFIB: It's Weak, No FIB
08   Industrial Production in Malaysia, Hungary, Norway and Germany
07   More Evidence of German Economic Strength: Manufacturing New Orders Surprisingly Strong in March
04   Australia Trade Deficit Increases in March, But Exports of Raw Materials Help Cover Machinery Imports
04   U.S. Job Growth: The Conundrum Deepens
03   Driving Productivity Increases
03   Nonmanufacturing ISM Shows Some Life
03   Upward Surprise on U.S. Productivity
02   US Factory Order Strike Back with Strength...and Against a Statistical Anomaly
02   Employment Continues to Expand in Germany; Unemployment Lowest in 6 Years
01   Keeping up with the Joneses...

April 2007

30   Economic Sentiment Still Positive in the Euro Area as a Whole: But Turning Negative in Ireland and Spain
30   U.S. Construction Shows a Brighter Side
30   Chicago Index Comes Out of the Stratosphere
30   US Consumer Spending Flounders in March but Trend Still Mostly Firm
27   Japan's Economy Hits Some Air Pockets; CPI Starts To Fall Again
27   ECI Wages Jump; Benefits Whimper
27   Can't Tell a Book - or GDP - by its Cover, or Headline
26   German Export and Import Prices Show Relief
26   Kansas City Fed Index Jumps
26   French Business Climate Improves for Manufacturers this Month; Service Companies Experience Slight Updrift
25   On-Trend GDP Growth for Q1 in UK and South Korea
25   U.S. New Home Sales Rise But After Downward Revisions...
25   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Rise by 3.4% in March
24   U.S. Housing Drops Sharply, But it's a Distortion - Look to the Moving Average
24   U.S. Consumer Confidence, Present Situation Drop Off Peak
24   Italian Consumer Confidence Down Sharply in April: A Portent for the Future or a One Time Blip?
23   Mortgage Lending Continues Strong in the UK, Particularly by Building Societies
23   CFNAI - Not Entirely Comforting
20   UK Retail Sales Rise 0.3% in March, Following Upward Revision to February
19   Philadelphia Index Remains Near Zero
19   Gasoline Prices Head for $3.00
19   U.S. Leading Indicator Weak
18   Treasury TIC Data Show Reduced Security Purchases, but More Inflows of Other Capital
17   U.S. Housing Starts Hit a Plateau
17   German Investors' Optimism Surprises but the Optimism Is Subdued
17   U.S. IP is Up But Still is a Mixed Up Sector
17   U.S. CPI Gives Markets a Breath of Pretty Fresh Air
16   Euro Area Inflation Shows a Prickly Side in March
16   Senior Canadian Managers Positive on Outlook for Production and Inflation
16   U.S. Inventory Growth Stays Low as Sales Pick Up -- But Not Everywhere
16   U.S. Retail Sales Show Unexpected True Strength for March and in Q1
13   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Sags as Inflation Concern Rises
13   U.S.: A Tale of Two PPIs
13   U.S. Trade Trends Fit of a Friday the 13th
12   Italian IP Slips...Again Across EU Trends are Mixed
12   UK Trade Deficit Widens Moderately in February, But Exports & Imports Basically Steady Apart from MTIC Effect
12   U.S. Export and Import Prices: No Excitement but Uneven Trends
11   March/April Calendar Quirk, Big Refunds Raise March Budget Deficit. Year-to-Date Down $45 Billion
11   French Trade Deficit Widens
11   JOLTS Report Shows U.S. Economy's Complexities
10   China's Trade Surplus Tumbles in March, but First Quarter Surplus Is Still A Record
10   French Industrial Output Up Sharply in February
10   BOJ Holds Policy Steady on Unanimous Vote...
09   Economy Watchers in Japan Are More Confident about Current Conditions but Less Confident about the Outlook
06   OECD LEIs Point to Slowdown/Moderation
06   Payrolls Gain 180,000, Unemployment Eases to 4.4%
05   UK House Prices Up 11% in March; Increase Is Especially Large in Northern Ireland
04   India Balance of Payments Sees Dynamic Trade and Investment Flows, with Record Reserve Accumulation in 2006
04   U.S. Factory Orders Continue to Disappoint
04   Nonmanufacturing ISM: Sharp Two-Month Drop Off
03   Profitability of U.K. Private Nonfinancial Corporations at a Record High
03   Euro Area and UK PPI Trends
02   ISM PMI for the U.S. vs NTC PMI for the Euro Area
02   Tankan Survey Shows Overall Confidence Holding Steady: Business Confidence Declines in Large Japanese Manufacturing Firms, But Rises in Non Manufacturing Firms
02   ISM: Better But Not Out of the Woods

March 2007

30   U.S. Construction Also Rises...
30   Goldilocks Meets Her Untimely Fate at the Hands of a Raucous Core PCE
30   Euro-Zone Confidence Gains to Best Levels in 6 Years; Unemployment Reaches Record Low
29   Gasoline Prices "Spring Ahead"
29   U.S. Corporate Profits Head Lower Fast...
29   U.S. GDP: The Upward Revisions That Seem Like a Downer
28   German CPI Picks Up, Pushed by Energy and Non-Energy Factors
28   U.S. Durable Goods Weakness - NO RELIEF!
27   Despite the Ups and Downs Confidence Is Strong in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia
27   U.S. Consumer Confidence Drops Sharply, But Not Seriously
26   New Home Sales Plunge - Will the Rest of the Sector Follow?
26   French Business Confidence Improves Slightly: Synthetic vs Traditional Indexes
23   Land Values Increase in Japan First Time in 16 Years: Is Long Drought in Japanese Real Estate Finally Over?
23   Existing Home Sales Jump - Markets Taken by Surprise
22   South Africa Retail Sales Pick Up; Construction Activity and Vehicle Sales Also Show Gains
21   Canada's Retail Trade Eases in January after Big December Gain; Western Provinces Show Strength While Ontario Is Restrained
20   Inflation in the UK :The CPI, Core CPI, RPI and RPIX
20   U.S. Housing Starts Rise in February
19   Japanese Department Store Sales And Total Consumer Spending
16   World Oil Consumption Reaches Record 87 Million Barrels/Day; Developing Country Share Expands
16   U.S. Industrial Production Increased 1.0 percent in February
16   U.S. Inflation Keeps its Ugly Head Reared
15   February Euro area HICP Holds at 1.8% Year/Year
15   The Empire Strikes Dread... Or Sour Grapes
15   U.S. PPI Surprise
14   Major Increase in Mortgage Delinquencies in Q4; Rate of Foreclosures Started Hits a Quarterly Record
14   U.S. Export and Import Prices Show Their Soft Side
14   U.S. Current Account Deficit Shrinks
13   U.S. Business Inventories Rise
13   German Financial Types Become a Little More Positive on the German Outlook, and a Little Less So for the Euro Area as a Whole
13   U.S. Retail Sales Pose a Dilemma
12   China's Surplus on Trade in Goods Reached $23.76 Billion in February Second Highest on Record
09   U.S. Trade Deficit Lower
09   U.S. Payrolls Up 97,000, Close to Forecast; Construction Hit by Bad Weather
08   January Industrial Production Up in Germany, Off in Smaller European Economies, But All Enjoy Longer-Run Growth
08   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Hover Around 330K
07   U.S. Productivity & Unit Labor Costs: A Follow-Up
07   ADP Report Points to 57K Private Payroll Growth for February; Survey Revised, Series Added on Sector and Firm-Size
06   GDP Growth in the Euro Area Exceeds That of the U. S. for the Third Time
06   U.S. Productivity Stronger Than Expected in 4Q
05   World Stock Markets
02   Household Expenditures in Japan Show First Yr/Yr Rise in 13 Months; Unemployment Holds at 4.0% for a Third Month
01   U.S. Personal Income Boosted by Bonuses; Core Prices Pick Up to 0.3%

February 2007

28   New Home Sales Fall 16.6% in January, Pay Back Late 2006 Gains
28   US 4Q GDP Revised Down to 2.2% Growth, in Line with Forecasts
27   Taiwan and Hong Kong Foreign Trade
27   Existing Home Sales Show Monthly Gain, Less Year/Year Weakness
27   January Durable Goods Orders Fall, Giving Up Late 2006 Gains
26   Less State and More Private Industrial Production in Vietnam
23   Mass Layoff Events Increase in January, But the Number of People Involved Decreases
22   Bank of Japan Raises Call Rate Target to 0.50%; Cites Demand Growth & High Industry Operating Rate
22   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Down Less Than Expected
22   Help-Wanted Advertising Off
21   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Rose
21   Gasoline Prices Firmed Further
21   Mortgage Applications Off Sharply
21   Weekly Chain Store Sales Slipped Again
21   CPI Up More Than Expected: Tobacco & Medical Care Strong
20   French Economic Growth vis--vis Germany's
20   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Quite Negative
19   German Labor Demanding Big Increase in Wages
16   PPI Eases with Lower Energy; Core Rate Steady
16   Housing Starts Drop Hard in January, Falling to Lowest in 9-1/2 Years
15   Industrial Production Falls Unexpectedly by 0.5% in January
15   Japan GDP Gains at 4.8% AR in Q4, Fastest in Almost 3 Years
14   UK Unemployment Steadies; Modest Employment Growth
14   U.S. Mortgage Applications Up
14   U.S. Retail Sales Eased After Firmed December
13   GDP Growth in the Euro Area, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands
13   Small Business Optimism Improved
13   Weekly Chain Store Sales Slipped
13   Gasoline Prices Rose Again
13   U.S. Trade Deficit Deepened Unexpectedly
12   China off to Another Record Trade Balance
12   Revenue Surge Benefits U.S. Budget
12   Challenger Layoffs Up a Bit
09   OECD Leading Index Up in December
08   U.S. Weather in January Not Far from "Normal", But Regions Show Wide Variations
08   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Inched Up
07   Machinery Output Leads Industrial Production in Several European Nations
07   U.S. Productivity Stronger Than Expected in 4Q
07   Mortgage Applications About Flat
06   Leading Diffusion and Coincident Composite Indicators in Japan Give Mixed Signals
06   Weekly Chain Store Sales Recover
06   Gasoline Prices Rose Slightly
05   Balance of Trade in Goods: Czech Republic and Kazakhstan
05   U.S. Factory Inventory Accumulation Slowed Further
05   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Up More Than Expected
05   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Firm for January
02   Qatar's Economy: Oil Industry Fuels Other Sectors
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Steady in January
02   January Payrolls Missed Forecast, Revisions Upward
01   January ISM Manufacturing Survey Gives Back December Gains
01   U.S. Personal Income Firm, Core Prices Tame
01   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Back Down

January 2007

31   Chicago Purchasing Managers Survey Soft
31   Mortgage Applications Rose A Bit
31   Turkey's Trade Deficit Much Smaller in December; Auto Sector Boosts Exports
31   Employment Cost Index Remained Firm
31   ADP Report: Private Payrolls Improved
31   U.S. Construction Spending Off Again
31   US 4Q GDP Growth Firmer Than Expected
30   No Clear Direction for the Japanese Economy in Recent Statistics
30   Consumer Confidence Rose Slightly, Highest Since 2002
30   Weekly Chain Store Sales Reversed Prior Gains
29   Business Confidence Improves in Norway and Sweden: a New High in Norway
29   Chicago Surveys Show Some Reversal in Down Trends
26   Employment in Spain Surpasses 20 Million in Q4; Foreign Workers Increase Share of Jobs
26   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Firmed, Inventories Up
26   New Home Sales Up Much More Than Expected
25   China GDP Grows 10.7% in 2006, But Manufacturing Gains Appear To Moderate Late in the Year
25   Help-Wanted Advertising Finally Popped
25   December Existing Home Sales Fell, 2006 Price Gain Weakest on Record
25   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Jumped
24   UK GDP Rises 0.8% in Q4: A Brief Summary
24   Sweden Employment Gain Best in 5 Years; Unemployment Holds Below 5%
24   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Rose, Signs of Excess Surfaced
24   Mortgage Applications Down Sharply
23   UK CBI Industrial Survey: Lower Exports and Price Rises Ahead
23   Weekly Chain Store Sales Ticked Up, January Firmest Since 1999
23   Gasoline Prices Down Again
22   Stock Markets and Political Risk
22   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Positive
19   Michigan Consumer Sentiment Gauge Rebounds Sharply on Optimistic View of Business Conditions & Personal Finances
18   Total Housing Starts Rise, But Single-Family Units Fall Anew
18   CPI Rises 0.5% with Pick-Up in Energy
18   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Fall Again; Low Since Feb 2006
17   December Industrial Output Gained, But Vigor Questionable with Downward Revisions
17   Treasury TIC Data Show Sizable Foreign Investment in November, but Also Record US Investment Abroad
17   PPI Still Quite Firm in December
16   UK December Inflation--3%: The Cause of the BOE Rise in the Base Rate to 5.25%
16   Empire State Index Dropped Sharply
15   Growth in New Orders for Ships and Electric Power and for Export Exceed Growth in Japanese Headline Series for New Orders
15   OECD Leaders Rose
12   Broad Industrial Production Advance in India
12   U.S. Import Prices Jumped
12   U.S. Inventory Accumulation Up A Bit
12   U.S. Retail Sales Firm At Yearend Led By Electronics
11   MAPI Business Outlook Survey Fell Again
11   Big Gain in Australia Employment; Unemployment Remains at All-Time Low
11   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Lowest Since July
10   Export Growth Spread Around the Country: Texas Leads but Other States Participate
10   U.S. Trade Deficit Narrowed Unexpectedly
10   Mortgage Applications Surged
09   Mostly Positive News from Germany
09   Small Business Optimism Fell Again
09   Weekly Chain Store Sales Opened The New Year With A Gain
09   Gasoline Prices Down Again
08   Bank of Canada Survey: A Subdued Outlook
08   U.S. Factory Sector Inventory Gain Dropped Sharply
05   European Union Unemployment Eases to New Lows; Supplemental Eurostat Series Include New Members
05   Another Firm U.S. Payroll Report with Upward Revisions
04   Corporate Profitability Strengthens in UK; Return on Capital Reaches Record 15.2% in Q3
04   U.S. Vehicle Sales Rose in December
04   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Slipped
04   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Rose
04   Challenger Layoffs Off Sharply
03   German Labor Markets Maintain Gains; Unemployment at 4-Year Lows
03   U.S. Construction Spending Off Again
03   U.S. Mortgage Applications Ticked Up
03   U.S. Weekly Chain Store Sales Finished 2006 Firm
03   ISM Composite Index Recovered A Bit
03   ADP Report: Private Payrolls Declined
02   Encouraging Trends in Retail Sales in Hong Kong and Denmark