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Commentary Archive

December 2005

30   French Unemployment Decreases in November, Even in the Midst of Social Unrest
30   Chicago PMI Steady
29   Chilean Employment Down in November, but Yearly Growth Trend Maintained
29   U.S. Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Inched Up
29   U.S. Help-Wanted Advertising Improved
29   U.S. Existing Home Sales Down Again
28   Japan's CPI: Firming or Still Soft?
28   Consumer Confidence Buoyed By More Jobs & Lower Gas Prices
28   Chain Store Sales Reflect A Cheery Spirit & Lower Gas Prices
28   Mortgage Applications At Three Year Low
27   Economic Sentiment in Slovakia Slows in December
27   Inverted Treasury Yield Curve Signals Less Liquidity
23   EU Current Account Deficit Widens in October; Investment Income Contributes as Well as Goods Imports
23   Rise in U.S. Durable Goods Orders All Air(craft)
23   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Again Stronger Than Expected
23   November New Home Sales Reverse October's Gain
22   Japanese Trade Surplus Widens Modestly in November
22   U.S. Personal Income rose As Expected
22   Leading Economic Indicators Up Again
22   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Fell
22   Mass Layoffs Rose
21   UK Institutional Investors Diversify Holdings Through Q3; More Interest Abroad Is Evident
21   US 3Q GDP Revised Slightly Lower
21   Mortgage Applications Down Again
20   Production and New Orders in the Euro Zone's Big Three: Germany, France and Italy
20   PPI Down 0.7%, Core Tame
20   Housing Starts Post Surprising Gain; Single Family At Record
20   Chain Store Sales: The Holiday Spirit Found?
20   NAHB Housing Market Index: Down Hard Again
19   China's Trade Balance with the U. S. Heading for More Than $100 billion This Year
19   ECRI Leading Index: Meandering Movement
16   German Ifo Business Climate Index Approaches Balance in December as Business Confidence Improves
16   U.S. Current Account Deficit Improved Slightly
16   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Up a Bit
15   Employment Conditions Firm in Netherlands, Sweden & Korea in October, November Data
15   Empire State Index Rose Further
15   CPI Decline Largest Since 1949; Core Inflation Steady
15   Industrial Output Up
15   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Inched Up
14   Japan's "TANKAN" Better than Expected in December
14   U.S. Trade Deficit Widened Unexpectedly
14   Import Prices Fell Broadly
14   Mortgage Applications Plunged
13   Fed Funds Rate Raised to 4.25%
13   JOLTS: U.S. Job Market Firmed Further
13   U.S. Business Inventories Rise but Slowly
13   Small Business Optimism Down, Pricing Firm
13   Confidence among German Investors and Analysts Rises Sharply: The ZEW Survey
13   U.S. Retail: Less Spent on Gasoline, More on Other Stuff
13   Chain Store Sales Up: Restrained by Higher Energy Prices?
12   Japan's Second Preliminary Estimate of 3rdQ GDP Growth Rate Revised Down to 0.2% from 0.4%: Inventory Liquidation the Cause
12   OECD Leaders Rose Further
12   Households' Debt Usage Surged in 3Q
09   UK Trade Balance Decreases in October with Exports Up and Imports Down
09   Higher Commodity Prices: A Better Economy or Pending Inflation?
09   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Stronger Than Expected
08   Labor Force Data and Hurricanes
08   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Up Modestly
07   Australian GDP Slows to 0.2% Growth in Q3, But Q2's 1.3% Was Strong
07   Challenger Layoffs Up Third Straight Month in November
07   Mortgage Applications Recover Some
06   Sweden and Norway Report Good Third Quarter Growth
06   3Q U.S. Productivity Revised Up, 2Q Compensation Lower
06   U.S. Factory Inventories Back on the Rise, Order Backlogs Surged
06   Chain Store Sales Down Sharply
05   Growth in Japanese Corporate Profits Slowing
05   ISM: Activity Expanded Outside the Factory Sector
02   UK House Prices Continue Recovery in November
02   U.S. Payrolls Up
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Up Modestly
02   Home Price Appreciation Strong, But Off Record Pace
01   Indonesia Trade Balance Largely Steady through October, Even with Big Gains in Oil and Non-oil Exports
01   US 3Q GDP Revised Up, Hurricanes Slam Profits
01   U.S. Construction Spending Up
01   ISM Index Fell As Expected and Still Firm
01   U.S. Personal Income Lifted By Strong Wage Gain
01   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Higher

November 2005

30   Euro-zone Growth Picks Up to 0.6% in Q3; Chain-Linking Introduced to Eurostat Aggregates
30   Chicago Purchasing Managers' "Business Barometer" Holds Up; Prices Accelerate to 26-Year High
29   Denmark's Third Quarter GDP Growth Rate Tops That of Hungary and the Philippines
29   New Home Sales; There's Life Yet
29   Consumer Confidence Recovered
29   Chain Store Sales Backpedaled, Gas Prices Down Again
29   U.S. Durable Goods Rebound; Aircraft Orders Soared
28   Confidence Improving in the Czech and Slovak Republics
28   U.S. Existing Home Sales Soften
28   Mass Layoffs Down
23   Italian Consumer Confidence Improves in November as Inflation Concerns Moderate
23   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Lifted Further By Drop in Oil Prices
23   U.S. Mortgage Applications Fell Further
23   U.S. Help-Wanted Advertising Stable
23   U.S. Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Higher
22   Revisions and Additions to German National Accounts Data for Q3
22   Gasoline Prices Fell In A Competitive Market
22   Chain Store Sales Up
21   Declines in the Euro and the Price of Oil Improve the Euro Zone Balance of Trade in Goods
21   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Recovered
18   State Coincident Indexes Highlight Regional Differences in Economic Activity
17   Mexico's GDP Expands 3.3% in Q3: Is This Good or Bad?
17   Industrial Output Rebounded in October
17   Housing Starts Down
17   NAHB Housing Market Index Fell Hard
17   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Lowest Since April
16   Foreign Investors Increase Net Securities Purchases in US Markets Again in September
16   U.S. Business Inventories Higher Again
16   Mortgage Applications Fell
16   Home Heating Costs Lifted CPI
15   German Economic Growth Increases in the Third Quarter but ZEW Survey Raises Doubts About the Outlook
15   PPI Up Another 0.7%, Core Prices Fell
15   U.S. Retail Sales Dip
15   Chain Store Sales Backpedaled, Gas Prices Down
15   Empire State Index Back Up
14   Japanese Gross Domestic Product Slows, but Exceeds Consensus Estimates
14   October U.S. Budget Deficit Down Y/Y
11   OECD Leaders Up Again
10   Import Prices Declined
10   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Lifted By Drop in Oil Prices
10   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Remain Low
10   CPI Data Show Some Relief for Energy in October
10   Record U.S. Trade Deficit Suffered Triple Whammy
09   France: The Riots Come Just When Unemployment Was Starting To Ease
09   Mortgage Applications Rose
08   Teikoku Data Bank's Current Economic Trends: Another Indicator for Japanese Economic Growth
08   Small Business Optimism Up, Pricing Intentions Cool
08   Chain Store Sales Jumped As Gas Prices Fell Another Dime
08   JOLTS: U.S. Job Openings & Hires Up
07   September Industrial Production in Denmark, Germany, Norway and the UK
07   Challenger Layoffs Up Again in October, Trend Lower
04   Canadian Employment Rebounds in October; Participation Rate & Unemployment Steady
04   October U.S. Payrolls Soft
03   PMI Surveys Around the World in October: Europe Looks Better, China Does Not!
03   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Recovered
03   U.S. Factory Inventories Slip
03   3Q U.S. Productivity Strong
03   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims At Two Month Low
02   Modest Gains in German Employment; Unemployment Rates Up or Down, Depending on Definition
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Lowest Since 1998, Inventories Lower As Well
02   Mortgage Applications Off Again
01   Fed Funds Rate Raised to 4.00% and Going Higher?
01   U.S. Construction Spending Rose Further
01   Inflation Surges in Indonesia after Government Reduced Fuel Subsidies
01   ISM Index Firmer Than Expected, Pricing Up
01   Chain Store Sales Finish October Firm as Gasoline Prices Decline

October 2005

31   Japan's Third Quarter GDP Growth Likely to Decline: A Negative Rate of Growth?
31   U.S. Personal Income Lifted By Insurance Payments
31   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Again Rose Unexpectedly
28   World Inflation Apparently No Worse in October
28   Employment Cost Index Boosted By Benefit Costs
28   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Lowest Since 1992
28   US 3Q GDP Grew 3.8%
27   UK Mortgage Lending on the Upswing, According to September BBA Data
27   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Off
27   New Home Sales Up, Northeast & West Down
27   Help-Wanted Advertising Edged Up
27   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Again Down Sharply
26   Diversity in Japanese Trade
26   Mortgage Applications Backed Down
26   MAPI Business Outlook Survey Fell Further
25   Business Confidence Strengthens in the Euro Zone: German and Dutch Business Join the More Optimistic Groups
25   Consumer Confidence Down Again
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Unchanged
25   Chain Store Sales Slipped
25   Gasoline Prices Fell Further
24   Some Improvement in French Business Confidence
24   ECRI Leading Index Reached a New High
21   UK GDP Rises 0.4%, Helped by Upturn in Manufacturing
21   Petroleum Prices Down, And Going Lower?
20   Philadelphia Fed Activity Index Recovered
20   October Consumer Confidence Rises in Italy, But Nascent Inflation and Unemployment Concerns Raise Questions, Too
20   Leading Economic Indicators Fell for Third Month
20   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Down Sharply
19   Foreign Buying of Securities in US Markets 3rd Largest in August
19   Housing Starts Firm
19   NAHB Housing Market Index Improved
19   Mortgage Applications Rose Sharply
18   Germany's ZEW Results Are Disappointing: Political Uncertainty and Inflation Causes?
18   September PPI Up 1.9%: Spillover Effects?
18   Chain Store Sales Rose Again Last Week
17   Rising Producer and Wholesale Price Indexes: A Prelude to Rising Consumer Price Indexes?
17   FY 2005 U.S. Budget Deficit Fell Due To Higher Receipts
17   October Empire State Index Fell Unexpectedly
14   Brazil's Retail Sales Ease in August, But Show Good Gain from Year Ago
14   Hurricanes Curtailed Industrial Output
14   U.S. Business Inventories Rebuilt
14   Record Gain in Energy Prices Lifted CPI; Core Prices Tame
14   Depressed U.S. Consumer Sentiment Fell Further
14   U.S. Retail Sales Up; Core Spending Firm
13   September Jobless Rate Rises in Korea; Manufacturing's Share of Employment Diminishes
13   U.S. Trade Deficit Deeper Due to Oil
13   Import Prices Surged Again
13   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Slipped
12   German Inflation 2.5% in September; Erratic Moves in Clothing and Food Add to Push from Energy
12   Mortgage Applications Continued Lower
11   Good News in Japanese Machinery Order Data: Stock Market Reaches its Highest Level Since May 2001
11   Small Business Optimism Again Slipped Moderately
11   Chain Store Sales Up Slightly Last Week
10   French Production and Construction, German Exports Increase in August
10   OECD Leaders Signal Further Growth
07   Canadian Jobs Slip in September; Declining Participation Holds Down Unemployment
07   Decline in U.S. Payrolls Dampened
06   UK Industrial Production Falls in August as Oil Production Lags
06   Hurricanes Lifted Initial Jobless Insurance Claims
05   Labor Costs in France Stabilize After Slowdown, an Aid to Workers' Purchasing Power
05   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Back Down
05   Challenger Layoffs Up Slightly
05   Mortgage Applications Fell With Fewer New Purchases
04   Varied Reports of Inflation
04   U.S. Factory Inventories Slip
04   U.S. Vehicle Sales Slide As Truck Sales Collapse
04   Weekly Chain Store Sales Recover A Bit More
03   Japan's Tankan Survey Moderately Disappointing
03   U.S. Construction Spending Up
03   ISM Index Lifted by Hurricane Rebuilding & Inventory Restocking

September 2005

30   French Unemployment Little Changed in Short-Run, but Young Workers Suffer Significant Joblessness
30   U.S. Personal Income Fell
30   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Remained Depressed
30   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Improved Unexpectedly
29   China Foreign Direct Investment: Strong but Uneven Gains, Heavy Reliance on Special "Foreign Investment Enterprises"
29   Help-Wanted Advertising Down Sharply
29   Unemployment Insurance Claims Fell Sharply
29   US GDP Growth Unrevised
28   Lackluster Expectations for European Business Managers
28   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Rebounded
28   Mortgage Applications Down Sharply
27   German Business Confidence Measure (IFO) Surprises on the Up Side
27   Consumer Confidence Down Sharply
27   New Home Sales Decline Surprising
27   Weekly Chain Store Sales Inch Higher
26   Big Business in Japan Becomes More Optimistic
26   U.S. Existing Home Sales Still Near Record in August
23   Before The Storms: Commodity Prices On The Rise
22   Japan's Trade Surplus Shrinks; Petroleum Is Only Part of the Reason
22   Leading Economic Indicators Post Second Decline
22   Unemployment Insurance Claims Again High Due to Hurricane
21   Households' Net Worth Improved Further in 2Q
21   Labor Costs Weak in Europe, Following Slow GDP Growth
21   Mortgage Applications Up
20   Fed Funds Rate Increased to 3.75%
20   Petroleum Prices: Supply Uncertainty & US Demand Strength
20   Politics and Energy Prices Depress German Investor Confidence
20   Housing Starts Slipped in August
20   Weekly Chain Store Sales Down Sharply
19   NAHB Housing Market Index Lowest in Over Two Years
19   Chinese Exports of Goods on the Way to Surpass Those of the U. S. and Germany in the Next Five Years
19   ECRI Leading Index: Down But Not Out
16   Euro-Zone Harmonized CPI Inflation Only Slightly Higher in August; "Core" Remains Steady
16   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Depressed
16   U.S. Current Account Deficit Improved
16   Philadelphia Fed Indexes: Activity Down Hard, Pricing Surged
16   U.S. Business Inventories Fell
15   Energy in China
15   CPI Lifted By Strong Energy Prices
15   Home Prices Surge
15   Empire State Index Dipped
15   Hurricane Katrina Caused Jobless Insurance Claims To Surge
14   Good Growth in Irish Employment; Unemployment Rate Low in Q2
14   U.S. Budget Deficit Deepened Due To Widespread Spending
14   Industrial Production Increase Again Light
14   U.S. Retail Sales Down With Autos, Elsewhere OK
13   European Inflation Becoming a Rising Concern to Central Banks
13   "Core" PPI Unchanged in August
13   U.S. Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Narrowed
13   Weekly Chain Store Sales Down A Bit
13   Manpower Index Slipped
13   Small Business Optimism Slipped
12   A Better Picture for the Japanese Economy
12   OECD Leaders Positive
09   UK Trade Balance Widens in July, Offsetting June Drop
09   U.S. Import Prices Jumped
08   Australian Employed Continues to Rise; Unemployment Rate Maintains Record Low
08   U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Dipped
08   JOLTS: U.S. Job Openings & Hires Dipped
07   Industrial Production Gains in Europe: Can That Pattern Be Sustained?
07   2Q U.S. Productivity Revised Down
07   U.S. Chain Store Sales Flat
07   Lower Rates Spurred U.S. Mortgage Applications
06   Manufacturing Sales and New Orders in Germany
06   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rebounded
02   Before Katrina, U.S. Payrolls On An Up Trend
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Slipped
01   U.S. Construction Spending Losing Steam
01   ISM Factory Index Backpedaled
01   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Up a Bit
01   U.S. Personal Income Light, Price Inflation Firmed

August 2005

31   US GDP Growth Little Revised, Profits Quite Firm
31   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Down Sharply
31   Mortgage Applications Down Again
30   Japanese Recovery Hits a Snag in July but One Month Is Not a Trend and Doubts about the Consumer Confidence Data
30   Consumer Confidence Posted Surprising Increase
30   U.S. Factory Inventories Began to Rebuild
30   Chain Store Sales Down With Higher Gas Prices
29   UK: GDP Data Confirm Recent Slowdown in Growth; Index of Distribution Confirms Long Run Shift in Production & Distribution Trends
29   ECRI Leading Index Suggests Economic Growth
26   Energy Prices: Gasoline High, Natural Gas Takes Surprising Jump, Too
26   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Drops Further in Final August Report
25   German IFO Index Decreases in August, But Expectations Edge Higher
25   Unemployment Insurance Claims Ease, Hover in Tight Range
24   New Home Sales Gain with Spurt in the West
24   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Down in July, But May & June Revised Upward
23   German Investor's Confidence Rises Sharply in August: GDP Release Shows Increased Domestic Activity
23   U.S. Existing Home Sales & Prices Moderate Slightly in July
23   Chain Store Sales Down a 3rd Week
22   Euro Zone Current Account Suffers from High Oil Prices and Chinese Competition
19   Growth Continues through July in Russia's "Five Basic Indicators"
19   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Suggests Above Trend Growth
18   "Crack Spread" Widens for Oil Refiners, But Percentage Premium in Gasoline and Oil Values Is Not "High"
18   Philadelphia Fed Index Improved Further
18   Leading Indicators Rose Again in July
18   Unemployment Insurance Claims Suggest Positive Job Growth
17   UK Employment Basically Flat through May, Jobless Benefit Claims Creeping Higher
17   Producer Prices Doubled Expectations
17   Mortgage Applications Down With Less Refinancing
16   Spain's Balance of Payments in May
16   CPI Lifted By Strong Energy Prices
16   Housing Starts Firm
16   NAHB Housing Market Index Down Sharply in August
16   Industrial Production Increase Light
16   Chain Store Sales Dipped Again
15   China's Trade Surplus Growing: Not Only is the Surplus with the United States Rising, but the Deficit with All Other Countries Is Declining Sharply
15   Empire State Index Improved and About Stable Month to Month
12   U.S. Trade Deficit Deepened
12   Import Prices Recovered
12   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Down
11   U.S. Budget Deficit in July Reduced
11   U.S. Business Inventories Unchanged
11   OECD Leaders Improved
11   JOLTS: U.S. Job Openings Improved
11   Small Business Optimism Rose
11   European GDP Growth for Q2 Slows to 0.3% as Germany Stalls; Variations Wide in Seasonally Adjusted and Unadjusted Yearly Gains
11   U.S. Retail Sales Disappoint
11   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Down
10   Singapore GDP Growth Moderately High at 3% in Q2
10   Mortgage Applications Down With Less Refinancing
09   German Preliminary Balance of Payment and Trade Data for June: The seasonally and not seasonally adjusted
09   Fed Funds Rate Increased to 3.50%
09   2Q U.S. Productivity As-Expected, Revisions Down
09   Chain Store Sales Stuttered
08   Stagnant U.S. Wages & Strong Consumer Spending?
08   Industrial Production: Turkey, Malaysia, Slovakia and Italy
05   Bank of England Cuts Base Rate as Financial Strains Start to Show
05   U.S. Payrolls Improve
04   German Factory Orders Advance 2.4% in June: Good Rebound After Sluggish Winter
04   Unemployment Insurance Claims Continue Downtrend
03   Euro-Zone Retail Sales Show Modest Growth through June
03   Employee Discounts Spurred U.S. Vehicle Sales
03   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Down, As Expected
03   Challenger Layoffs Slipped
03   Mortgage Applications Dipped Again
02   UK's CBI Survey of Distributive Trades Confirms Slowdown in Retail Trade and Expects Continued Weakness
02   June Growth in U.S. Personal Income Firm
02   U.S. Factory Inventories Down Again
02   Chain Store Sales Ended July Strong
01   Rises in Japanese Employment and Wages: Good Omens for Japanese Consumer Incomes and Spending
01   July ISM Factory Index Highest This Year
01   U.S. Construction Spending Down for Fifth Month This Year

July 2005

29   US GDP Growth About As Expected in 2Q
29   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Held Earlier Improvement
29   Employment Cost Index Stable As Benefit Costs Slowed
29   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Much Improved
28   Help-Wanted Advertising Inched Up
28   Mass Layoffs Down
28   Initial Claims For Jobless Insurance Remained Low
27   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Firm, Revisions Positive
27   New Home Sales Jumped Again
27   Mortgage Applications Fell
26   Currency Declines Boost Business Confidence in Italy, Germany and the U. K. but Fail to Do So in the Netherlands
26   Consumer Confidence Retraced Earlier Gain
26   Gasoline Prices Dipped Last Week, Up 6.2% in July
26   Chain Store Sales Post Another Solid Gain
25   A Smaller Trade Deficit for Mexico in June
25   U.S. Existing Home Prices & Sales Hot
22   UK GDP Rises 0.4%, with Declining Factory Output Offset by Greater Oil & Gas Activity
22   MAPI Business Outlook Survey Down in 2Q to the Lowest in Two Years
21   China Lets Yuan "Float" as Its Exports Comprise Bigger and Bigger Shares of World Trade
21   Philadelphia Fed Activity Index Recovered, Expectations Dreary
21   June Leading Indicators Up, Revisions Suggest Improved Prospects
21   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims At Four Month Low
20   China GDP Strong at 9.5% Growth in Q2
20   Rise in Mortgage Applications Due To Refinancing
19   TIC Data Show Larger Foreign Purchases of US Securities in May
19   Housing Starts Unchanged, Single Family Slipped
19   NAHB Housing Market Index Fell from Record High
19   Chain Store Sales Again Higher
18   Ukraine Retail Trade Grows, but Production Turns Weaker
18   ECRI Leading Economic Index Improved Slightly
15   Israel's Consumer Prices Are Flat in June; Wholesale Prices Flat, but Up More Than 5% in Year
15   Producer Prices Unexpectedly Weak
15   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Up A Bit Further
15   Industrial Production Recovered
15   Empire State Index Up Sharply
15   U.S. Business Inventory Accumulation Continued Slow
14   Several Nations' CPI's Remain Moderate Despite Rapidly Rising Energy Costs
14   Consumer Prices Rose Less Than Expected
14   U.S. Retail Sales Surged
14   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Up Again
13   Trade Expands at Individual Ports, Shown in Extensive Data Offerings in PORTS Database
13   U.S. Budget Surplus in June, Estimates Reduced
13   U.S. Trade Deficit Smaller
13   Import Prices Recovered
13   Mortgage Applications Back Down
12   Deflation Still a Problem in Japan
12   JOLTS: U.S. Job Openings Eased
12   Small Business Optimism Stable
12   Chain Store Sales Ticked Higher
11   Chinese Imports of Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products: A Comparison between Two Data Sources
11   OECD Leaders Lower Still, North American Increase Limited
08   Canadian Unemployment Rate Ties 29-Year Low in June, but Employment Growth Is Sluggish
08   U.S. Payrolls Up, Unemployment Down
07   Australia Unemployment Falls; Employment Passes 10 Million
07   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Ticked Up
06   UK Corporations Achieve High Profitability in Q1, Led by Oil Companies and Service Industries
06   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Recovered
06   Challenger Layoffs Jumped
06   Chain Store Sales: July Began Firmer
06   Mortgage Applications Surged
05   Revised German Retail Sales Data
05   U.S. Vehicle Sales Led Higher By Truck Rebound
05   U.S. Factory Inventories Unchanged
01   Japanese Employment, Unemployment and TANKAN All Show Improvement
01   ISM Factory Index Recovered Some
01   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Extended Increase
01   U.S. Construction Spending Fell After Strengthened Gain Last Year

June 2005

30   Fed Funds Rate Increased to 3.25%
30   French Unemployment High, Consumer Confidence Low; Germany Sees Slight Declines in Unemployment
30   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Fell Again
30   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Fell Further
30   Help-Wanted Advertising Down
30   U.S. Personal Income Growth Eased in May
29   Japanese Industrial Output Sluggish; Korea's Grows Unevenly
29   US GDP & Corporate Profit Growth Revised Up
29   Mortgage Applications Fell A Bit Further
28   More Indicators of European Business Confidence: French Up, Italian Down
28   Consumer Confidence Rose Again
28   Chain Store Sales Fell
27   The German IFO Institute Confirms the Rise in Business Confidence Shown Earlier by the ZEW Measure
27   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Indicates Trend US GDP Growth
27   U.S. Liquidity Growth Down
24   Despite Strong Oil Revenues and Big US Exports, Mexican Trade Runs Overall Deficit
24   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Soar
24   New Home Sales Up, Prices Down
23   Consumers Fret Over Economic Situation in Italy & Netherlands
23   U.S. Existing Home Sales Slipped
23   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Fell
22   Taiwan Employment Grows, but Factory Sector Lags; Similar Pattern for Other Asian NICs
22   Mortgage Applications Retraced Prior Week's Jump
22   Crude Oil Prices Pushing $60 per Barrel
21   Investor Confidence in Germany Improves A Bit in June but a Mood of Pessimism Dominates
21   Chain Store Sales Rose For Third Week
20   A Few Encouraging Signs in Italy's Lackluster Economy
20   Leading Indicators Down Again
17   April Machinery Orders Jump in Japan; Foreign Sector and Domestic Manufacturing Lead
17   Philadelphia Fed Index Negative
17   U.S. Current Account Deficit Another Record
17   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Improved
16   Italy's Trade Accounts Shift to Deficit; Dynamics of Global Business Alter Long-Running Surplus Position
16   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Flat
16   Housing Starts Edged Higher
16   NAHB Housing Market Index At Record High
15   Foreign Buying of US Securities Moderates, Especially Among Agency Debt
15   U.S. Business Inventory Accumulation Slowing
15   Mortgage Applications Surged As Rates Remained Low
15   Industrial Production Recovered
15   Empire State Index Again Positive
15   Consumer Price Inflation Eased
14   More Jobs Suggested by Manpower Index
14   Small Business Optimism Up A Bit
14   OECD Leaders Fell Broadly Again
14   U.S. Retail Sales Backpedal
14   PPI Unexpectedly Down Sharply
14   Chain Store Sales Up Again Last Week, Leaders Better
14   Divergent Inflation Trends in the U.K. and the Euro Zone
13   Irish Industrial Production: A Slowdown in the "Modern Sector"
13   U.S. Budget Deficit Continued To Shrink
10   Japanese Investors Buy Sizable Amount of Foreign Debt; Foreign Investors Buy Sizable Amount of Japanese Debt
10   U.S. Trade Deficit Deteriorated
10   Import Prices Fell
09   More Industrial Production: Lackluster in the UK, Trending Upward in South Africa
09   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Back Down
08   Industrial Production Shows Three-Tiered Performance in Netherlands, Slovakia and Turkey
08   JOLTS: U.S. Job Openings Firm Further
08   Mortgage Applications Recovered
07   Industrial Production: Germany, Norway, Brazil and Hungary
07   Chain Store Sales Recovered Some Last Week
07   Semiconductor Sales Eased
06   UK Survey of Jobs Reveals Softening in the Labor Market
06   ECRI Leading Economic Index Trending Lower
03   Chilean Inflation Eases in May After Energy-Driven Surge in April
03   U.S. Job Gain Well Short of Expectations
03   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Fell Again
02   China Trade in Surplus, but Imports Are Large, Nonetheless
02   Challenger Layoffs Higher in May
02   U.S. Factory Inventory Growth Slowed
02   U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Fell
02   U.S. Productivity Revised Higher But Compensation Strong
02   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Jumped
01   ISM Factory Index Fell Again
01   U.S. Construction Again Led Higher By Residential Building
01   Weekly Chain Store Sales Fell For Third Week
01   Mortgage Applications Off Again
01   Euro-Zone Manufacturing PMI Shows Net Contraction for Second Month

May 2005

31   Consumer and Business Confidence in the Euro Zone Declines in May
31   Consumer Confidence Rebounded
31   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Down Big
27   BBA Data Show Tentative Firming in UK Mortgage Lending; Consumer Credit Still Soft
27   U.S. Income & Outlays Firm, Wage Revisions Upward
27   U.S. Consumer Sentiment A Bit Better
26   Consumer Confidence in Sweden Edges Lower, but Spending on Durable Goods Remains Strong
26   US GDP Growth Revised Up, Corporate Profit Growth Down
26   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Nudged Up
26   Help-Wanted Advertising Flat
25   Spanish GDP Growth Maintains Firm Pace; Chain-Linking Introduced
25   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Rebounded
25   New Home Sales Still on a Record Pace
25   Mortgage Applications Recover
24   Germany' First Quarter GDP Increased 1%: Participants in the ZEW Survey Become More Cautious on the Outlook
24   Weekly Chain Store Sales Slipped Again
24   U.S. Existing Home Sales Rose To Another Record
23   South Korea and Taiwan Report Slow Growth in the First Quarter of 2005
23   Home Price Inflation: Location, Location, Location
20   French GDP Growth Slows in Q1; Data Rebased to 2000 Prices
20   Philadelphia Fed Index Reversed Course
19   Employment Gains in Germany, Denmark; Decline in Netherlands Is Moderating
19   Leading Indicators Down Again
19   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index: Economic Growth Near Trend
19   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Lower
18   Huge Role for Oil & Equipment in Norway Trade
18   Consumer Price Inflation Again Raised By Energy
18   Mortgage Applications Dropped
17   Japan's Real GDP Strong in First Quarter,2005: Deflation Still a Problem
17   PPI Gains Broad
17   Housing Starts Rebounded
17   NAHB Housing Market Index Recovered
17   Industrial Production Fell
17   Weekly Chain Store Sales Fell
16   China' Trade in Goods: Changes in Direction
16   Empire State Index Negative
13   European Consumer Inflation Continues Moderate in the Face of Rising Energy
13   U.S. Business Inventories Rose
13   Import Prices Surged
13   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Depressed
12   German Q1 Growth of 1% Boosts Euro-Zone Result to 0.5%
12   OECD Leaders Lost More Forward Momentum
12   Higher Tax Receipts Lowered U.S. Budget Deficit
12   U.S. Retail Sales Jump
12   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Up For Third Week
11   Trade Deficit Eases in UK, Surplus Increases in Canada, but Energy May Be Starting to Restrain Demand for Non-Energy Imports
11   Small Business Optimism Down Further
11   JOLTS: U.S. Job Openings Firm
11   Mortgage Applications Surged as Rates Remained Low
11   U.S. Trade Deficit Posted Surprising Improvement
10   Balance of German Trade in Goods Reached New Peak in March
10   Weekly Chain Store Sales Up Again
10   Gasoline Prices Ease
09   March Industrial Production Data Show Declines in Developed and Emerging Nations
09   ECRI Leaders' Forward Momentum Down
06   Some Employment Gains in Canada, But Lower Unemployment Reflects Reduced Participation
06   U.S. Payrolls Firm
05   Australian Trade Deficit Wider in March
05   U.S. Productivity Slightly Higher Than Expected
05   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Higher Again
04   Euro-Zone Service Sector PMI Moves Narrowly in April, Maintaining Modest Growth
04   U.S. Light Truck Sales Crimped by Higher Gasoline Prices
04   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Fell Slightly
04   Mortgage Applications Lower Again in April
03   FOMC Lifts Funds Rate to 3.00%
03   Confederation of British Industry's (CBI'S) Distributive Trades Survey: Retail and Motor Trades Slow Sharply, Wholesale Trade Improves
03   Challenger Layoff Count Lowest Since 2000
03   Chain Store Sales Gain
03   U.S. Factory Inventories Rose
02   Exchange Rates in the Pacific Rim
02   ISM Factory Index Fell Again
02   U.S. Construction Spending Led By Residential

April 2005

29   Spain Labor Markets Show Employment Gains, Lower Unemployment Even Aside from Data Revisions
29   U.S. Income & Spending Above Expectations
29   Employment Cost Index Eased With Benefit Costs
29   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Down: Expectations Eased Further
29   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Backpedaled
28   Germany's Chain GDP Yield Slightly Higher Long-Term Growth through 2004
28   Foreign Trade Drag & Prices Up, US GDP Growth Down
28   Help-Wanted Advertising Slipped
28   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Bounce Back
27   Unemployment Slightly Lower in Sweden, as Employment Flat from a Year Ago
27   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Off Sharply
27   Lower Rates Lift Mortgage Applications
26   Confederation of British Industries (CBI) Point to Slowdown in British Manufacturing Sector
26   New Home Sales Set Another Record
26   Consumer Confidence Fell Due To Worsened Job Outlook
26   Chain Store Sales Dipped
25   Confidence in the Euro Zone: Lower in Germany and Belgium But a Surprise Rise in Italian Consumer Confidence
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Up More Than Expected
22   UK GDP Slows in Q1; 4-Quarter Growth Lowest since Q4 2003
22   Construction Industry Jobs Lift Taiwan Employment; Unemployment Rate Sustains 4-Year Low
22   Commodity Prices Meander, Forward Momentum Lost
22   NAHB Housing Market Index Fell
21   Sharp Slowdown in UK Retail Trade for Early 2005
21   Leading Indicators Down
21   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Suggests a Soft Spot
21   Philadelphia Fed Index Passed the Soft Spot
21   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Fell Sharply
20   Chinese GDP Growth Remains Strong in Q1
20   CPI Boosted by Energy & Services
20   Mortgage Applications Lower
19   More Gloom from Germany
19   PPI Again Boosted by Petroleum
19   Housing Starts Off Sharply
19   Chain Store Sales Pass A "Soft Spot"
18   Romania to Redenominate the Leu in July: 1 New Leu = 1,000 Old Leu
18   MAPI Business Outlook Improved
18   U.S. Budget Deficit - Tax Day 2005
15   Spanish Current Account Deficit Widens in January, Even as Financial Flows Seek Their Own Return
15   Imported Price Inflation Up Sharply
15   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Down As Expectations Waned
15   Industrial Production Gain All Utilities
15   Empire State Index Down Sharply
14   Consumer Prices in Sweden, Finland and Poland Still Restrained in the Face of Rising Energy
14   JOLTS: U.S. Job Openings Steady
14   Initial Claims For Jobless Insurance Down Again
14   U.S. Business Inventories Still Building
13   UK Unemployment Ticks Up in February, But Employment Also Shows Strong Rise
13   U.S. Retail Sales' Gain Light
13   Mortgage Applications Recover
12   Trade Between China and India
12   Flat Exports & Soaring Oil Prices = Another Record U.S. Trade Deficit
12   Small Business Optimism Extended Decline, Pricing Up
12   Chain Store Sales Up Again
11   Advance Estimate of Singapore's Y/Y Growth of GDP in Q1 Implies a Big Decline in Q/Q Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate
11   OECD Leaders Decline Broadly
08   $100 For a Barrel of Oil?
08   Canadian Employment Up, Unemployment Down in March
07   Uneven Performance in Industrial Production for UK, Malaysia and Others in February
07   Initial Claims For Jobless Insurance Fell
06   German Factory Orders Fall in January, February, But Big December Gain Still Promotes Forward Momentum
06   Mortgage Applications Near Lowest of the Year
05   Mixed Inflation Trends in Latin America
05   Chain Store Sales Recovered Slightly
05   Challenger Layoff Count Fell Sharply
04   Australian Retail Sales Rise for the Second Month: Will the Rise Continue?
04   U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Continue Sideways
04   U.S. Construction Spending Up
01   Bad News -- but Not So Bad -- in Japan's "TANKAN" for March
01   ISM Factory Index About Stable
01   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Higher Again
01   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Faded Further
01   U.S. Payroll Growth Slowed, Unemployment Fell

March 2005

31   Italian CPI Keeps Low Inflation Despite Higher Energy Costs
31   U.S. Personal Income Gain Light
31   Help-Wanted Advertising Held A Higher Level
31   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Highest Since 1988
31   U.S. Factory Inventories Up Again
31   Initial Claims For Unemployment Insurance Rose Further
30   Marked Erosion in German Business Climate, March Ifo Survey Says
30   US GDP Growth Unrevised, Corporate Profits Firm
30   Mortgage Applications Up A Bit
29   A Group of Disappointing Japanese Economic Indicators for February
29   Chain Store Sales Crimped By Higher Gas Prices & Inclement Weather
29   Consumer Confidence Down Again
28   Singapore's Industrial Production Down Again in February: An Omen for First Quarter GDP?
28   U.S. Liquidity Growth Fell As Interest Rates Rose
25   Sluggish Exports, Surging Imports Produce Big Trade Deficit in India
24   Good Gains in Japanese Service Sector: Genuine or Just Statistical?
24   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Up Slightly
24   New Home Sales Higher
24   U.S. Existing Home Sales Slipped
24   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Back Up
23   Consumer Confidence Up over Last Year in Sweden, Netherlands and Italy, But Consumers Still Seem Unwilling To Spend
23   CPI Gain The Strongest Since October
23   Mortgage Applications Lower
22   Federal Funds Rate Raised to 2.75%
22   Korean GDP up 4.6%: Exports Rise Outweighs Consumer Slump
22   PPI Rose A Moderate 0.4%, Core Pricing Calmer
22   Chain Store Sales Higher
21   European Finance Ministers Agree to Modify Terms of the Stability and Growth Pact
21   ECRI Leading Index of U.S. Economy Up
18   Italian Trade Renews Expansion, but Sustains First Annual Deficit in 12 Years
18   Imported Price Inflation Up
18   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Faded Further
17   Canadian Asset Growth Outstrips Liabilities in 2004, A Fundamental Improvement Supporting Currency Value
17   Philadelphia Fed Activity Index Fell
17   Leading Indicators Tick Higher
17   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Lower
16   UK Unemployment Rate Holds to 30-Year Low
16   NAHB Housing Market Index Stable
16   U.S. Current Account Deficit Another Record
16   Industrial Production Increase Due To Autos & High Tech
16   Housing Starts Higher in February
15   German Analysts and Institutional Investors More Positive Regarding Overall Economy but Profit Expectations Are Mixed
15   Empire State Index Eased Higher Again
15   Chain Store Sales Recovered
15   U.S. Retail Sales Firm
15   Manpower Index Suggests More US Jobs
15   JOLTS: Job Openings Eased in the US
15   U.S. Inventories Up
14   Revised Estimates of Japan's 4th Quarter GDP Shows a Rise Instead of a Decline, Due Mostly to Inventory Accumulation
14   OECD Leading Economic Index Up Again
11   US Exports Come from Every State; 22 Ship over $1 Billion a Month
11   U.S. Trade Deficit Deepened in January
10   Households' Net Worth A Record in 4Q04, But Not Versus Income
10   A Developing Upturn in Japanese Industry Pricing?
10   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Up
09   Manufacturing Output in UK, Germany, Others Maintains Hesitant Growth in January
09   Mortgage Applications Slip Further
08   Economy Watchers in Japan become Less Negative
08   Small Business Optimism Unchanged
08   Chain Store Sales Off A Bit
07   Thailand's Fourth Quarter GDP Shows Moderate Deceleration in Growth and Acceleration in Inflation During 2004
07   Commodity Prices Broadly Higher
04   Inflation Accelerates in Argentina, Remains Low in Chile
04   U.S. Payrolls Firm
04   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Declined
04   US Factory Inventories Jumped in January
03   Chinese Inflation Falls Below 2% in January; Economy Becoming More Demand-Oriented?
03   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Higher
03   U.S. Productivity Growth Revised Up
03   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Slipped
02   Euro-Zone GDP Grows 0.2% in Q4; Services, Construction, Agriculture Lead 2004 Gains
02   U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Lackluster
02   Mortgage Applications Lower With Fewer Refi's
02   Challenger Layoff Count Back Up
01   Japanese Economic Outlook Still Cloudy - Much New Data Notwithstanding
01   ISM Factory Index Slipped Again
01   U.S. Construction Spending Up
01   Chain Store Sales Jumped Last Week

February 2005

28   Confidence in the Euro Zone and the Broader EU-25
28   U.S. Personal Income Down
28   New Home Sales Fell
28   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Up Again
25   January Unemployment Rates Up in France and Hungary, Down in Norway and Brazil
25   US GDP Growth Revised Up
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Fell Again
24   Renewed Strength in Australian Business Capital Spending
24   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Lower in January, Trend Strong
24   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Up Modestly
24   Help-Wanted Advertising: An Upside Breakout
24   Energy Prices Firm
23   Mixed Trends in Japanese Sectoral Activity
23   Consumer Prices Rose As Expected
23   Chain Store Sales Dipped
23   Mortgage Applications Off Again
22   Russia Chalks Up Another 7+% Real Growth in 2004: Inflation Accelerates
22   ECRI U.S. Leading Index Trending Higher
22   Consumer Confidence Slipped
18   German PPI on Firm Uptrend; Could It Slow?
18   PPI As Expected, But Core Prices Surged
18   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Slipped Further
17   Mexican GDP for 2004 Shows Biggest Gain since 2000
17   Leading Indicators Backpedaled
17   Import Prices Higher With Petroleum, Non Oil Prices Easier
17   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Held the Low Ground
17   Philadelphia Fed Activity Index Improved
16   Japan Economy in Renewed Slump as GDP Falls in Q4
16   Housing Starts At A New High in January
16   NAHB Housing Market Index Fell Again
16   Mortgage Applications Dipped
16   Warm Weather Left Industrial Production Unchanged
15   Preliminary GDP 2004 Estimates for Euro-Zone Below Consensus Estimates
15   U.S. Retail Sales Fell, Nonauto Spending Moderate
15   U.S. Chain Store Sales Up Further
15   U.S. Inventory Accumulation Strong
15   N.Y. Empire State Index Eased Again
14   Signs of Increased Spending by Japanese Consumers and Less Pessimism
14   OECD Leading Economic Index Up A Bit
11   Record Low Unemployment in New Zealand for Q4
11   U.S. Budget Improved: Tax Receipts Up But Defense Spending Down?
10   Trade Surpluses Sustained in Canada and Germany, Despite Strong Currencies vs. US Dollar
10   U.S. Trade Deficit Improved in December, 2004 A Record
10   U.S. Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Fell To Four Year Low
09   December Production Up in UK, Down in Slovakia; South Africa, Turkey Work Toward More Stable Growth
09   U.S. Mortgage Applications Spurred By Lower Rates
09   JOLTS: Job Openings Up But Hires Down in the US
08   December German Industrial Product--More Positive News for German Outlook
08   U.S. Consumer Credit Usage Moderate, Total Liabilities Strong
08   U.S. Banks' Lending Standards Eased
08   U.S. Small Business Optimism Fell Again
08   U.S. Chain Store Sales Recovered
07   Chile's Monthly Economic Indicator Predicts 5.9% Growth in GDP in 2004
07   Commodity Price Trends Mixed
04   Japan's Leading Indicators Hesitate, but Strength Remains in Employment, Stock Market Components
04   U.S. Payroll Gain Moderate in January, Jobless Rate Lowest Since 2001
04   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Down in January
03   India's Trade Deficit Widens, but So Does Its Surplus on "Invisibles"
03   U.S. Productivity Growth Slowed Sharply
03   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Fell
03   U.S. Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Near Four Year Low
03   U.S. Factory Sector Shipments & Orders Surged in 2004
02   U.S. Federal Funds Rate Raised to 2.50%
02   Regulatory Change Raises Unemployment in Germany, Even as Jobs Show Modest Growth
02   U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Fell Sharply
02   Challenger Layoff Count Down
02   U.S. Mortgage Applications Recovered
01   The Difference in Unemployment Rates in the Euro Zone and Japan Due Largely to Japanese Workers' Withdrawal from the Labor Force
01   U.S. Chain Store Sales Fell Hard
01   ISM Factory Index Slipped
01   U.S. Construction Spending Jump Lifted Last Year's Gain To 8.8%

January 2005

31   Euro Zone Confidence Shows Little Signs of Improvement and EuroCOIN Points to Slow Growth in 4th Quarter GDP
31   Record Gain in U.S. Personal Income Fueled Spending
31   Help-Wanted Advertising Recovered
31   Chicago Purchasing Agents' Index Improved
31   New Home Sales A Record in 2004
28   Exports Boost Korean Industry
28   US GDP Growth Knocked Hard By Trade Sector Deterioration
28   Employment Cost Index Moderate At 0.7%
27   Q1 Business Optimism Ebbs in Canada and the UK
27   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Up Slightly
27   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Up As Expected
27   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Recovered
26   UK GDP Gains Stronger-than-Expected 0.7%; All Major Sectors Move Favorably
26   CBO Updates US Budget Estimates
26   Mortgage Applications Down
25   Consumer Confidence in the Euro Area Still at Low Levels: Italy a Bit Worse, The Netherlands a Bit Better
25   Consumer Confidence Improved Further
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Slip >From Record Pace
25   Chain Store Sales Ticked Up
24   New Orders for Manufacturing in Central and Eastern Europe Outpace Those in Western Europe
24   JOLTS: Job Openings Down But Hires Up in the US
24   ECRI U.S. Leading Index Higher
21   French Consumers' 2004 Spending on Manufactured Goods Strongest in 5 Years
21   Philadelphia Fed Activity Index Fell Sharply
21   Lower Expectations Dropped U.S. Consumer Sentiment in January
20   UK's BCC Survey for Q4 Points to Slower Growth
20   Leading Indicators Rose Again
20   Gasoline Prices Firmer
19   Net Foreign Purchases of Securities in US Market Up Sharply in November
19   December CPI Fell. 2004 Average Raised by Less Goods Price Deflation
19   Housing Starts Firm: 2004 The Highest Since 1978
19   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Down
19   Chain Store Sales Slipped Further
19   Mortgage Applications Rebound
18   Canadian Business Outlook Survey Provides Food for Thought for The Bank of Canada's Interest Rate Meeting on January 25th
18   NAHB Housing Market Index Off
18   Empire State Index Eased
18   MAPI Business Outlook Survey Lower in 4Q, 2004 Set Record
17   Japanese Consumers' Confidence Declines
14   Moderate 2004 Inflation in Several Countries, Despite Stronger Energy Costs
14   Industrial Production Surged
14   U.S. Inventories Gain Strongest Since 1995
14   Producer Prices Fell in December, Core Tame
13   Japan Current Account Surplus Sustained, as Financial Accounts Show Capital Outflow
13   U.S. Retail Spending Boosted By Vehicle Sales
13   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Up
13   Import Prices Lower With Petroleum, Non Oil Prices Firm
13   Small Business Optimism Slipped
12   Canada's Trade Surplus Widens in November
12   Lower Exports Dropped U.S. Trade Deficit To Another Record
12   Total Mortgage Applications Off Again
11   German Analysts' and Institutional Investors' Confidence Measure (ZEW Index) Makes a Significant Rise
11   Heavy Weather Pushed Chain Store Sales Lower
10   A Big Merchandise Trade Deficit for Taiwan in December and a Reduced Surplus for the Year
10   OECD Leading Economic Index Weak
10   ECRI Leading Economic Index Down Sharply
07   Canada Jobs Gain 33K in December, Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.0%
07   Scattered Industry Gains Lift U.S. Employment Again
06   European Industrial Confidence Edges Lower in December
06   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Rose Sharply
05   European Industry Shows Modest Pickup in December After Months of Slowdown
05   U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Spurred by Incentives
05   ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Up Again
05   Challenger Layoff Count Rose Further
05   Total Mortgage Applications Down Sharply
04   US Factory Sector: New & Unfilled Orders Surged
04   Chain Store Sales Up a Little Further
03   India on a Strong Growth Trend before Tsunami Struck
03   ISM Factory Index Nudged Up Further
03   U.S. Construction Spending Slipped in November