Recent Updates:

  • France: Registered Unemployment and Vacancies (Oct)
  • Canada: Payroll Employment Earnings & Hrs (Sep), Corp Finl Stats (Q3)
  • Brazil: Balance of Payments (Oct)
  • Slovenia: Money Supply, Balance Sheet of Central Bank, Loans & Deposits, Balance Sheet of MFIs (Oct), General Government Finance (Sep); Moldova: Intl Reserves (Oct); Hungary: Retail Trade (Sep), Investment Outlay of Economy (Q3); Slovakia: Central Government Debt (Q3); Estonia: Wages (Q3); Kazakhstan: Money Supply, Monetary Surveys, Deposits (Oct);
  • more updates...

Our Data


Haver Analytics updates and manages historical time series data for macro strategy and research. The data offering ranges from daily market data to annual economic statistics. Haver data are accessed with our DLX software and databases installed at the client location or over the internet utilizing a standard web browser.


Our 200+ databases are continually growing to meet the needs of our clients. They are updated continuously, beginning with the start of business on Monday in New Zealand until the close of business on Friday in North America. Most time sensitive data are updated within minutes of release. Internal quality control checks ensure data accuracy. Our client support hot line is staffed by database managers who can help clients locate and understand the data available to meet their information needs.

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Our global economic and financial coverage includes country-sourced macro detail, financial indicators, daily & weekly, industry, international organizations, forecasts and as reported, and U.S. regional.

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