Recent Updates:

  • US: Consumer Sentiment (Nov-final), CEW (Q2), Advance Durable Goods (Oct)
  • Consumer Sentiment (Nov-final)
  • US: Composite Indexes (Oct)
  • Canada Regional: Wholesale Trade by Province (Sep)
  • Canada: Wholesale Trade (Sep)
  • Nigeria: CPI (Oct)
  • South Africa: CPI (Oct)
  • Peru: INEI GDP (Q3)
  • more updates...



Matlab by The MathWorks lets you access, visualize, and analyze historic time-series data to identify patterns or uncover complex relationships. From within a single environment you can:

  • Access data from multiple sources including files, spreadsheets, databases, data providers, and the Web
  • Store data in financial time-series objects to simplify data management, data transformation, missing-data handling, and date-math calculations
  • Perform technical analysis with moving averages, oscillators, stochastics, and indices
  • Create custom analysis routines and visualizations or animations to capture, present, and share your analysis processes and discoveries
  • Customize your analysis environment with advanced functionality from signal processing, statistics, or econometrics