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Economy in Brief

State Labor Markets in April 2022
by Charles Steindel  May 20, 2022

State payrolls were positive in April, with gains comparable to those in March. 11 states saw statistically significant increases from March, with New Hampshire’s 1.0 percent gain the largest. In absolute numbers Texas’s 62,800 increase was the largest. As was the case in the initial March estimates, over the last 12 months 49 states and the District Columbia had statistically significant increases in payroll employment. Delaware was the odd-man out, even though the April 2022 point estimate was more than 1 percent higher than the April 2021 figure). Aside from Delaware, Alabama, Kansas, and Wisconsin were the only states with gains less than 2 percent over that period. Nevada has seen an 8 percent rise, and the aggregate job increase in California was 925,000.

13 states and DC saw statistically significant drops in their unemployment rate in their unemployment rates in April, with Maryland’s .4 percentage point decline being the largest. The range of unemployment rates across the nation is no longer pronounced. Nebraska and Utah both have 1.9 percent rates; the highs are DC’s 5.8 and New Mexico’s 5.3.

Puerto Rico had another solid month, with a 4,700 gain in jobs and the unemployment rate ticking down to 6.4 percent.

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