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Economy in Brief

State GDP in 2021:Q3
by Charles Steindel  December 23, 2021

Estimates of state real GDP growth varied fairly substantially in 2021:Q3. 13 states saw outright declines; these were mainly commodity (energy and agriculture) intensive ones, but oddly New Hampshire—pretty far from either camp—was the weakest state in the nation, with a 3.3% rate of decline (the Granite State had a massive collapse in government output).

In general, states bordering salt water were stronger than the nation, though that should be taken as more of a curiosity than something of analytical value (aside from New Hampshire, Alaska and Louisiana had negative growth rate). Hawaii's 6.0% rate of growth was the highest in the nation, Delaware was second at 4.7%, DC's figure was 3.9%, and Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida all had 3.7% growth rates. By industry, commodity production was generally weak, as was construction, manufacturing, and trade (wholesale and retail). Other sectors generally rose (New Hampshire's strange government decline was almost unique, North Dakota and North Carolina were the only other states not to see increases in government output, and the drops there were much smaller.

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