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Economy in Brief

Indicators of Consumer Confidence: Korea, Brazil, Italy
by Louise Curley  November 26, 2012

Measures of Consumer sentiment or confidence in Korea, Brazil and Italy were announced today. In Korea, sentiment is measured above or below a neutral position of 100. Consumer confidence in Brazil is measured in points. The historical average of which is 112.2. Consumer confidence in Italy is measured by an index with the base year 2005 = 100.

Consumer sentiment in Korea; improved slightly in November to 99 from 98 in October, but it is still below the neutral 100. Consumer confidence in Brazil and Italy deteriorated in November: Brazil to 120.0 points from 121.7 points in October and Italy to 84.8 (2005=100) from 86.2 in October. Consumer confidence in Brazil, however, is well above its long term average of 112.2 while that in Italy is well below its long term average of 106.5. The three measures of sentiment or confidence are shown in the attached chart.

Recently, spending on consumption by both the government and private individuals has accounted for 65% of GDP in Korea, 82% in Brazil and 85% in Italy.

Korea, Brazil, Italy - Consumer Confidence
Nov'12 Oct'12 Sep'12 Aug'12 Jul'12 Jun'12 May'12 Apr'12
Korea Consumer Sentiment (Neutral =100) 99 98 99 99 100 101 105 104
Brazil Consumer Confidence (Points--Long Term Avg =112.2) 120.0 121.7 122.1 120.4 121.6 123.5 127.1 128.7
Italy Consumer Confidence (2005=100) 84.8 86.2 86.2 86.0 86.5 85.5 86.7 88.7
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