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Economy in Brief

A Sample of Diverse Trends in Industrial Production
by Louise Curley  October 9, 2012

A diverse group of five countries reported August Industrial Production data over the last couple of  days. They were Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  Their Industrial Production data  are shown in the attached chart.  (We have changed the base years for Industrial Production in Turkey, Indonesia, Germany and the Netherlands to 2009, the base year for the U. K.)  Two of the countries, Turkey and Indonesia, are emerging countries while, Germany, the Netherlands and the U. K. are developed countries.  

Turkey and Germany and, more recently, Indonesia, have shown strong recoveries from the trough of the 2008-9 recession.  Industrial Production in  Indonesia is up roughly, 19%, Turkey, 32% and Germany 26%; but in the case of Turkey and Germany, industrial production appears to be slowing up in recent months while that in Indonesia is still forging ahead.  Industrial Production in the Netherlands is up about 15% from its recession trough but industrial production in the U. K. has barely moved from it recession trough.  

Aug'12 Jul'12 Aug'11 % M/M % Y/Y 2011 2010 2009
Indonesia 116.60 112.91 107.54 3.27 3.67 104.10 100.10 100.0
Turkey 123.69 126.61 121.84 -2.31 1.52 123.21 113.89. 100.0
Germany 119.73 120.37 121.43 -0.53 -1.40 118.85 110.07 100.0
Netherlands 106.72 106.11 108.63 0.57 -1.76 106.98 107.58 100.0
United Kingdom 100.2 100.7 101.3 -0.50 -1.09 101.4 102.1 100.0
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