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U.S. Claims For Jobless Insurance Highest Since 1992
by Tom Moeller November 20, 2008

Rising unemployment caused initial claims for jobless insurance to rise further above 500,000. At 542,000 claims reached their highest level since 1992. But even that comparison, as bad as it is, understates the current degree of labor market weakness. The 1992 level above 500,00 was reached for only one week during the short-lived, early-1990's recession. Quickly claims fell back below 400,000. The higher level of claims now is especially troubling since it likely will be sustained for a longer period.

The higher level of claims now is especially disturbing for two reasons. One is that it likely will be sustained for a longer period than one week. The second is that changes to the unemployment insurance program have made it more difficult to be eligible for a claim. Even a lower level of claims now is comparable to a weaker labor market.

Expectations had been for claims last week of 500,000. The four-week moving average of initial claims rose to this cycle's high of 506,500 (52.7% y/y).

The latest level of initial claims for unemployment insurance is for the week which covers the survey period for November nonfarm payrolls. Claims rose 63,000, or 13.2%, from the October period. During the last ten years there has been a 78% (inverse) correlation between the level of initial jobless insurance claims and the monthly change in nonfarm payrolls.

The largest increases in initial claims for the week ending Nov. 8 were in California (+15,532), North Carolina (+6,453), Tennessee (+5,067), New Jersey (+4,706), and New York (+3,680), while the largest decreases were in Kentucky (-1,562), Puerto Rico (-875), Delaware (-751), Maine (-349), and Rhode Island (-335).

Continuing claims for unemployment insurance during the week of November 8 rose by 109,000, about the same as during the prior week during which the level was upwardly revised. The four-week average of continuing claims rose to 3,867,000, this cycle's high and the highest since 1982. Continuing claims provide some indication of workers' ability to find employment and they lag the initial claims figures by one week.

The insured rate of unemployment rose to a new cycle high of 3.0%. The Commerce Department indicated that the highest insured unemployment rates were in Puerto Rico (5.3 percent), Oregon (3.9), California (3.7), Nevada (3.7), Michigan (3.5), Alaska (3.4), Pennsylvania (3.4), South Carolina (3.4), New Jersey (3.3), Arkansas (3.2), and North Carolina (3.2).

The minutes to the latest FOMC meeting can be found here.

Unemployment Insurance (000s)  11/15/08 11/08/08 10/31/08 Y/Y 2007 2006  2005
Initial Claims 542  515 484 62.8% 322 313 331
Continuing Claims -- 4,012 3,903 55.5% 2,552 2,459 2,662
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