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Economy in Brief

Japan’s All-industries Index is Still Very Upbeat
by Robert Brusca July 22, 2008

Japan’s sector indices show that the main all-industry reading is up in May and stands strongly in the 95th percentile of its range. The construction index is off sharply and continues to be very weak. The table plots 12-month changes in the index while the table plots the index levels. Index levels show construction is still very weak but the tertiary and over all index are still strong. In terms of momentum all indices are losing it. On balance the sector indices seem to be holding up better than other gauges for the Japanese economy.

Up to date Japan Industry Surveys
Recent Months Moving Averages Extremes: Range
3Mo 6Mo 12Mo Max Min %-Tile
All Industry 107.5 107.1 106.2 106.9 106.9 107.3 108.1 93.8 95.8%
Construction 70.6 71.8 72.5 71.6 71.8 73.4 124.6 70.6 0.0%
Tertiary 110.4 110.6 108.5 109.8 109.7 110.1 110.9 92.0 97.4%
Ranges, Max, Min since 1993
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