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Economy in Brief

UK Service Sector Takes a Hit in March
by Robert Brusca April 3, 2008

The UK service sector index for March is a fresh release and it shows a drop in the index to 52.11 from 54.05 in February. At that level the service sector index lies in the 33rd percentile of its range of values since 1995. The MFG sector lies at the 50th percentile, its range midpoint over a longer period going back to 1992. Construction, with an index available over the same period as for services ,is in the lower ten percentile of its range.

For business services the prices-charged index fell to 56.2 from 56.8 and shows less pressure than the MFG price indexes released earlier.

MFG, Construction and Services PMI CIPS/NTC
  Monthly Readings Change Over: Percentile
Mar-08 Feb-08 Jan-08 3MO 6MO 12MO of range
MFG 51.35 51.32 50.63 -1.04 -3.15 -3.34 50.3
Construction 47.19 52.44 53.87 -8.80 -13.06 -11.70 10.2
Services 52.11 54.05 52.46 -0.25 -4.58 -5.47 33.8
MFG range since January 1992; Construction Since April 1997 Services Since July 1995.
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