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Economy in Brief

 Industrial Production in Egypt, Jordan, Japan and Kazakhstan
by Louise Curley November 13, 2006

September data for industrial production released today give some indication of trends in economic activity in diverse corners of the global economy--the Middle East, the Far East and Eastern Europe. Industrial production data in the Middle East represented by Jordan and Egypt give a mixed picture.Jordan reported a 4.6% decline in industrial production from August to September. Egypt, on the other hand reported a small increase of 0.4%. The first chart shows the indexes of industrial production for Egypt and Jordan. Data for Egypt are available only since February 2002.

In the Far East, Japan reported a decline of 0.7%, adding to data released earlier that suggest a deceleration of growth in Japan. In eastern Europe, Kazakhstan reported a decline of 1.5%. Kazakhstan also reported figures for production in October which showed a further decline of 2.2%. Industrial production trends in Japan and Kazakhstan are shown in the second chart.

We have put each index on a common base of 2002=100 so that the levels of the indexes give some indication of the relative position of production in each of the countries relative to 2002.By September, Kazakhstan's industrial production was almost 52% above the 2002 average. Egypt's was up 38%, Jordan's, 17% and Japan's 15%.

Industrial Production Indexes (2002=100)  Sep 06 AUG 06 Sep 05 M/M % Y/Y %  2005   2004 2003
  Egypt (NSA) 137.7 137.6 131.8 0.36 4.48 130.3 n.a. n.a.
  Jordan (NSA) 116.92 122.61 123.88 -4.64 -5.62 112.97 102.80 91.52
  Japan (SA) 115.3 116.0 109.8 -0.66 4.95 110.3 108.7 103.3
   Kazakhstan  (SA) 151.93 154.31 139.79 -1.54 8.68 136.51 123.9 108.71
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