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Economy in Brief

Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Again Up Slightly
by Tom Moeller June 29, 2006

Initial unemployment insurance claims ticked up another 4,000 to 313,000 last week. The gain followed a 12,000 increase the prior week which was little changed. Consensus expectations had been for 305,000 claims.

The four-week moving average of initial claims fell to 305,500 (-6.3% y/y), the lowest level since late February.

Continuing claims for unemployment insurance rose 54,000 following a 66,000 decline the previous week which was revised from an 18,000 increase reported initially.

The insured rate of unemployment rose to 1.9% from a downwardly revised 1.8% the previous week.

The Yield Curve and Predicting Recessions from the Federal Reserve Board can be found here.

Unemployment Insurance (000s) 06/24/06 06/17/06 Y/Y 2005 2004 2003
Initial Claims 313 309 -0.6% 332 343 403
 Continuing Claims -- 2,409 -7.5% 2,663 2,923 3,530
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