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Economy in Brief

Gasoline Prices Fell Further
by Tom Moeller October 25, 2005

The US average retail gasoline price continued lower last week and fell to $2.60 per gallon from $2.73 during the prior week.

Crude oil prices continued lower as well. WTI crude fell yesterday to $61.13 per barrel versus an average of $62.44 during last week and versus the late August high of $69.82.

Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here, a 2002 speech made by Ben S. Bernanke can be found here.

Energy Prices 10/24/05 12/31/04 Y/Y 2004 2003 2002
US Retail Gasoline, Regular ($/Gal.) $2.60 $1.79 28.1% $1.85 $1.56 $1.35
Domestic Spot Market Price: West Texas Intermediate ($/Barrel) $61.13 $41.78 10.7% $41.78 $32.78 $31.23
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