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Economy in Brief

U.S. Trade Deficit Posted Surprising Improvement
by Tom Moeller May 11, 2005

The U.S. foreign trade deficit improved unexpectedly in March to $55.0B from the little revised record of $60.6B in February. Consensus expectations had been for a $61.5B deficit.

Total exports jumped 1.5% following two months of little change. Goods exports surged 1.4% (6.9% y/y) on the strength of a 6.6% increase in foods, feeds & beverages and a 3.3% (4.7% y/y) rise in capital goods. Exports of advanced technology products jumped 31.3% (NSA, +2.9% y/y).

In other categories export performance paled. Exports of non-auto consumer goods were unchanged (9.8% y/y) after a 3.1% spike in February and automotive exports fell 1.2% (+7.0% y/y), down for the second month.

Services exports rose 1.8% (7.7% y/y) as passenger fares jumped 3.9% 14.5% y/y) and spending on travel surged 2.8% (10.8% y/y).

Total imports slumped 2.5% despite a 4.1% (32.4% y/y) rise in petroleum products. The average price of crude oil surged 11.6% to $41.14 per bbl. (34.3% y/y). Imports of non-petroleum goods fell 4.6% (+4.7% y/y) as capital goods imports fell 1.1% (+8.3% y/y) for the second monthly decline and nonauto consumer goods imports plunged 6.8% (+4.5% y/y).

The US trade deficit with China improved for the second month to $12.9B ($162.0B in 2004) as exports surged (-2.0% y/y) and imports fell (+17.4% y/y). The US trade deficit with Japan deepened further to $7.8B ($75.2B in 2004) but the monthly trade deficit with the Asian NICs nearly dissolved ($21.9B in 2004) due to a 22.1% surge in exports (3.8% y/y). The US trade deficit with the European Union deepened to $9.3B ($110.0B in 2004), the result of an 11.7% jump in imports (+1.0% y/y) which outpaced a 12.7% (4.8% y/y) rise in exports.

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Foreign Trade Mar Feb Y/Y 2004 2003 2002
Trade Deficit $55.0.0B $60.6B $47.1B (3/04) $617.1B $496.5B $421.7B
  Exports - Goods & Services 1.5% 0.2% 7.1% 12.4% 4.6% -3.1%
  Imports - Goods & Services -2.5% 1.5% 10.3% 16.3% 8.5% 2.1%
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