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  • Euro area: Investment Fund Statistics (Oct)
  • Germany: PPI (Nov), Unfilled Orders (Oct)
  • Denmark: Property Price Indexes (Q3), Government Financial Accounts (2017)
  • India: Trade by Region by Commodities (Oct)
  • Norway: Oil & Gas Production (Nov)
  • China: Local Government Debt (Nov)
  • Japan: Semiconductor Mfg Equipment Bookings and Billings (Nov)
  • Indonesia: Banking Statistics (Oct)
  • more updates...

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Viewpoints Archive

December 2018

10   Is the CPI or PCE the "Correct" Price Target for Monetary Policy?

November 2018

27   State Coincident Indexes
20   Asset Cycles & Financial Crises: "Made In Washington"
16   State GDP
16   State Labor Markets in October
13   The Fed's New Challenge: Using Interest Rate Lever to Maintain Financial Stability

October 2018

30   State Coincident Indexes
29   Early Report Card On Trump's Fiscal Policies---Grade C
26   Equity Market Selloff Resembles Liquidity Squeeze of 2000
19   State Labor Markets in September
15   Financial Stability Needs Rules Too!
11   Consumer Spending By State
03   "Irrational Exuberance" --- Part 3

September 2018

28   State Coincident Indexes
26   State Personal Income
26   Finally, Policymakers Are Rethinking the 2% Inflation Target
21   State Labor Markets in August
19   The Lack of Adequate Policy Defenses Could Make the Next Crisis Much Worse
11   Fed Policy: In Search of Rate Neutrality
04   Are Inflation Expectations Moveable?

August 2018

27   The Sum of the Parts Greater than the Whole?
20   Odd Couple: "A Genuine Economic Boom" & Bigger Budget Deficits
17   State Labor Markets in July
16   Foreclosures Continue to Ebb
06   Why Has Core Consumer Inflation Stayed Flat

July 2018

30   Fed’s Powell First Test--Fiscal Stimulus Boosts Q2 Nominal GDP to Its Fastest Growth Rate Since 2006
27   Business Employment Dynamics Adds More Context to Hurricane Maria’s Destruction
25   State Coincident Indexes
24   Something Missing: Yield Curve Signal Not Confirmed Elsewhere
20   State Labor Markets in June
16   US Tariff War: US Will End Up Taxing Its Own

June 2018

29   Philadelphia Fed Coincident Indexes
15   State Labor Markets Mirror National Strength in May
14   Employer Costs for Q1 2018
12   Asset Cycles: "When The Music Stops Playing"
04   Predictive Power of Yield Curve

May 2018

23   State Coincident Indexes
22   To Win At Trade the US Must Act and Behave Like China
18   State Payroll Employment Growth Remained Modest in April
17   Real Incomes by State and Metro Areas
04   State GDP
01   Q1 GDP: Something Missing?

April 2018

23   State Payroll Employment Growth Modest in March
03   State Coincident Indicators

March 2018

23   State Personal Income and Employment
13   January State Employment Report