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Commentary Archive

December 2006

29   Local NAPM Reports Show Gains in December, but Include Weak Components
28   Consumer Confidence Increases Unexpectedly in December, but Net Gains Based in Fewer Negative Responses
28   Existing Home Sales Also Up in November; Prices Are Down Slightly, but Supply Overhang Shrinks a Bit as Market Conditions Show Some Improvement
27   New Home Sales Gain 3.4% in November; Prices Also Up, Inventories Down
26   Discretionary Consumer Spending Picks Up in US as Energy Outlays Fall
22   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Rebounded, But ...
22   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Recovered Some
22   Business Enthusiasm Cools a Bit in France & Italy Amid Generally Constructive Climate
22   U.S. Personal Income Again Light, Core Prices Ease
21   Canadian Economy Stalls Out in October
21   Mass Layoffs Up
21   Philadelphia Fed Index Fell Unexpectedly
21   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Edged Up
21   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Negative
21   US 3Q GDP Growth Revised Lower
21   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Rose
20   UK Institutional Investors Invest Record Amount in Q3
20   Mortgage Applications Reversed Gain
19   Italian Industrial Sales and Orders Steady: German Business Optimism Grows
19   NAHB Housing Market Index Slipped
19   Weekly Chain Store Sales Rose Again
19   Gasoline Prices Up Again
19   Housing Starts Recover A Bit
19   November PPI Gain the Largest Since 1974
18   Euro Zone Trade Shows a Surplus, but Rising Imports from China Add to Pressure on China to Speed Up Appreciation of the Yuan
18   Another Record U.S. Current Account Deficit in 3Q
15   Industrial Output Up Slightly
15   Empire State Index Slipped Less Than Expected, Expectations Up
15   Q4 TANKAN Results Show Best Japanese Industry Performance in Many Years
15   CPI Unchanged
14   Current Accounts in Central Europe: Services, Income and Transfers Play Significant Role
14   U.S. Import Prices Up
14   Initial Claims For Jobless Insurance at Two Month Low
13   Japan Current Account Hits Record 2.02 Trillion Yen in October; Trade, Services & Income All Contribute
13   U.S. Inventory Accumulation Continued Easier
13   Mortgage Applications Rose Further
13   JOLTS: Job Openings & Hires Firm
13   U.S. Retail Sales Recovered
12   Small Business Optimism Slipped
12   U.S. Budget Deficit Continued to Shrink
12   FOMC: Funds Rate Steady, Economy OK, Inflation Risks Remain
12   Weekly Chain Store Sales Recovered Some
12   Gasoline Prices Slip a Penny
12   U.S. Trade Deficit Lowest in Over One Year
12   German Investors and Analysts Less Pessimistic About the Outlook: IfW Institute Doubles its 2007 Growth Estimate
11   Germany's Current Account Surplus Declines in 3rd Q: Data for October Suggests a Better 4th Quarter
11   OECD Leaders Up Again
08   Flow-of-Funds: Anomalous Behavior of Foreign Investment & Marked Reduction in Home Equity Withdrawal
08   U.S. Flow of Funds: Debt Growth Off Considerably
08   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Fell on Diminished Expectations
08   Firm U.S. Payroll Report with Still More Upward Revisions
07   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Down, Monster Index Up
06   UK Industrial Production Takes Unexpected Fall in October
06   Slower U.S. Factory Inventory Accumulation: Oil & Computers
06   Life in Housing - Mortgage Applications Recover
06   ADP Report: Private Sector Jobs Rose 158,000 in November
05   Challenger Layoffs Up Slightly
05   Weekly Chain Store Sales Collapsed
05   Gasoline Prices Highest in Two Months
05   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Up Again, Unexpectedly
05   U.S. Productivity Little Revised, Compensation Lowered Sharply
04   Third Quarter GDP in Thailand Rises at an Annual Rate of 6%
04   U.S. Vehicle Sales Lowest in a Year
01   Poland GDP Up 5.9% in Q3; Both Domestic Sectors Participate
01   ISM Composite Index Lowest Since 2003
01   U.S. Construction Spending Decline Fifth in Six Months

November 2006

30   Chicago Purchasing Managers Survey Down in November
30   Home Price Appreciation Slowest in Three Years
30   Canada GDP Slows in Q3: Temporary Easing -- or Not?
30   Help-Wanted Advertising Low
30   Chicago Fed Survey of Factory Activity Down
30   U.S. Personal Income Gain Light, Core Prices Firmer
30   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Jumped
29   Sharp Rise in Japanese Industrial Production for October; Capital Goods Especially Strong
29   Mortgage Applications Down on Lower Refis
29   US 3Q GDP Growth Revised Up, Profits Firm
29   New Home Sales Fell, Prices Increase
28   Some Haver Sources to Monitor the Ups and Downs of the U. S. Dollar
28   Consumer Confidence Slipped Again
28   Weekly Chain Store Sales Slip, Month A Bit Better
28   Gasoline Prices Up Another Penny
28   Air Came Out of U.S. Durable Orders, Tech Off As Well
28   U.S. Existing Home Sales & Prices Inch Up
27   Germany Shows Solid GDP Growth and Improved Confidence
27   World's Output Gains Lift Commodity Prices
24   Sweden's Strong Exports Limit Harm from Energy Price Surge
22   Prices Down a Little for Home-Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner
22   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Edged Lower
22   U.S. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Bounced Up
22   U.S. Mortgage Applications Reversed Gain
21   Migration and the New Zealand Economy
21   Chicago Fed National Activity Index Remained Negative
21   U.S. Chain Store Sales Rose
21   Gasoline Prices Up A Bit
20   Taiwan and Singapore Report 3rd Quarter Gross Domestic Product
20   U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Better
17   Mexico GDP Up 4.6% Yr/Yr in Q3, With Good Gains in Construction and Services
17   Housing Starts Plumb Six Year Low
16   Treasury TIC Data Shows Strong Investment Flows into US, but Also Sizable Outflows Abroad by US Investors
16   NAHB Housing Market Index Improved Again
16   Philadelphia Fed Index Improved Slightly
16   Industrial Output Ticked Higher, Trend Slowdown Dramatic
16   CPI Again Fell 0.5%, Core Increase Lightest Since February
16   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Remained Low
15   UK Labor Market Stalls; Unemployment Rate Highest since Spring 2000
15   Slower U.S. Sales Require Slower Inventory Accumulation
15   Empire State Index Unexpectedly Firm
15   Mortgage Applications Surged Again
14   3rd Q GDP: Japan Surprises, Europe Disappoints Germany's ZEW Survey: More Cautious Expectations
14   Chain Store Sales Off As Well
14   PPI: Total & Core Fell
14   U.S. Retail: Sales of Discretionary Items & Gasoline Lower
13   Industrial Production in Egypt, Jordan, Japan and Kazakhstan
13   OECD Leaders Rose
10   Industrial Production in India Grows 2.2% in September; Manufacturing Sector in Broad-Based Expansion
10   Credit Standards Eased as Demand Fell
09   UK Trade Deficit Also Eases with Oil Prices; Heightened Law Enforcement Reduces "MTIC Fraud Trade"
09   U.S. Import Prices Down: Oil & Other Prices Off
09   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Slipped
09   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Back Down
09   U.S. Trade Deficit Narrowed Sharply
08   Mortgage Applications Recovery Big
07   Japanese Household Living Expenditures Decline Sharply: Implications for 3rd Q GDP?
07   Chain Store Sales Recover
07   Gasoline Prices Drift Lower
06   Sales and New Orders and NTC's PMI Suggest Manufacturing in Germany Is Decelerating
06   MAPI Business Outlook Survey Off Further
03   Rebound in Canadian Labor Market after Summer Pause
03   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Recovered
03   U.S. Payroll Report: More Upward Revisions
02   Challenger Layoffs Back Down
02   German Labor Markets Show More Distinct Gain
02   U.S. Productivity Unchanged
02   U.S. Factory Inventory Accumulation Continued
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Retraced Earlier Increase
02   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Jumped
01   PMI Surveys Hint at Slower Growth in Several Countries
01   U.S. Construction Spending Down
01   ADP Reported Hiring Improved During October
01   ISM Composite Index Fell, Price Index Below 50
01   Mortgage Applications Fell Hard

October 2006

31   Economic Sentiment in Europe Continues to Improve
31   Consumer Confidence Eased
31   Gasoline Prices Stable
31   Chain Store Sales Momentum Gone
31   Employment Cost Index Accelerated Further
30   Renewed Interest in the Money Supply??
30   U.S. Personal Income Firm, Core Price Increases Stable-to-Lower
27   Spanish Labor Markets Remain Vigorous
27   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Improved Further
27   US GDP Growth Weakest Since 2003
26   Building Permits Down Sharply in 8 of 9 Census Divisions; Only Oil Patch Shows Gain
26   Help-Wanted Advertising: Stable & Low
26   Surge in U.S. Durable Goods Orders All Air
26   New Home Prices Down, Sales Up
26   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Reversed Decline
25   Japan's Trade Accounts Benefit from Lower Oil Prices and Rising Exports
25   Federal Funds Rate Steady at 5.25%
25   Mortgage Applications Ticked Higher
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales & Prices Down
25   Negative Readings from the Chicago Fed & the Richmond Fed
24   Mixed Signals for Europe in Today's Data Releases
24   Decline in Chain Store Sales Retraced All of the Recent Gains
24   Gasoline Off Another Two Cents, Natural Gas Prices Firm
23   Bank of Israel Keeps Interest Rate at 5.5%
20   Energy & Gold Prices: Whiffs of Reflation?
19   Philadelphia Fed Index Remained Negative
19   Leading Economic Indicators 0.1% Rise Disappointing
19   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims At Four Month Low
18   Old News: Euro-Zone Trade Suffers from High Energy Costs in August, Too
18   Rise in Housing Starts Surprising
18   Mortgage Applications Fell Again
18   CPI Fell 0.5%, Core Rose an Expected 0.2%
17   NAHB Housing Market Index Ticked Up
17   Industrial Production Fell
17   Lower Gasoline Prices Helped Spending at Chain Stores, Again
17   The German Financial Community Is Growing More Cautious about Economic Conditions Six Month Ahead
17   PPI Fell, Core Prices Firm
16   German Productivity Growth in Manufacturing Tops That of the United States
16   Higher Receipts Lower U.S. Budget Deficit
16   Empire State Index Highest Since June
13   France CPI: Energy Brings Down Total Inflation, But Food Prices Have Been Picking Up
13   U.S. Consumer's Sentiment Buoyant
13   U.S. Import Prices Down With Oil, All Others Tame
13   U.S. Business Inventory Accumulation Highest Since 2005
13   Lower Gasoline Prices Dropped U.S. Retail Sales
12   China Exports, Imports Set Records in September. We Discuss Difference Between Exports to US and US Imports from China
12   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Remained Low
12   Record August U.S. Trade Deficit Swelled By Higher Oil Prices
11   South Africa Industry and Retail Trade Show Growth
11   Lower Gasoline Prices Helped Lift Chain Store Sales
11   Mortgage Applications Retraced Prior Gain
10   Kazakhstan in the News and Haver Data
10   Small Business Optimism Recovered, Pricing Pressures Eased
09   German Industrial Production Is the Big News But There's Also News on Industrial Production in Emerging Economies
09   OECD Leaders: Four Months Down
06   Eastern Europe CPI Uneven, but Coming Under Control; Energy Plays a Part
06   Upward Revision Salvages Weak September U.S. Payroll Report
05   Brazil's Industry Strengthening or Slowing, Depending on Who You Ask, But Consumer Expectations at High
05   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance At Ten Week Low
04   UK House Prices Still Strong in September
04   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Down, Components Up
04   U.S. Factory Inventory Gain Slowed
04   Mortgage Applications Surged
04   ADP Reports Less Hiring During September
04   Lower Gasoline Prices Fueled U.S. Vehicle (Truck) Sales
03   Avoiding Pitfalls in Comparing Retail Sales Among Countries
03   Chain Store Sales & Gasoline Prices Fell Again
03   Challenger Layoffs Up Sharply
02   Japan's "Tankan" Like Germany's "IFO" Confident of the Present but Cautious of the Future
02   U.S. Construction Spending Up Unexpectedly
02   ISM Composite & Price Indexes Down

September 2006

29   New Zealand Restructures Its CPI; MP3 Players Are In, Hairspray Is Out. Inflation Through June Remains at 4%
29   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rose As Inflation Expectations Fell
29   U.S. Personal Income Up As Expected, Core Price Inflation Tame
28   Retail Trade Takes Summer Break in Sweden; Mail Order Buying Is Vigorous
28   US GDP Growth Revised Back to 2.6%, Profits Weaker
28   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Fell
27   UK Consumers Pay Down Credit Cards
27   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Unexpectedly Lost Steam
27   New Home Sales Up, Revisions & Prices Down
27   Mortgage Purchase Application Recovery Stalled
26   European Confidence Measures Signaling Caution
26   Consumer Confidence Recovered
26   Chain Store Sales Down Again. Gasoline Prices Still Falling
25   China Close to Ousting the United States as Number One Exporter
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Hold Up As Prices Fell
22   Taiwan Employment Grows, Even in Factories; Unemployment Lowest in 5-1/2 Years
22   Energy & Gold Prices Deflate
21   Israel's Economy Sees Slower Growth in the Face of War in Lebanon; Lebanon's Economy Falls Dramatically
21   Philadelphia Fed Index Negative
21   Leading Economic Indicators Fell
21   Mass Layoffs Up
21   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Negative Again
21   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Rose More Than Expected
20   Spain's Labor Costs Pick Up in Q2; Benefits Outstrip Wage Gains
20   U.S. Federal Funds Rate Again Held at 5.25%
20   U.S. Mortgage Purchase Application Recovery Stalled
20   US Flow of Funds: Households' Net Worth Stable
19   German Investors and Analysts Confident of the Present but Wary of the Future
19   U.S. Chain Store Sales Fell Hard Along With Gasoline Prices
19   U.S. Housing Starts Off 20% Y/Y
19   U.S. PPI Up 0.1%, Core Prices Fell
18   NAHB Housing Market Index Down By One Half
18   U.S. Current Account Deficit Deeper: Oil Imports Surged
15   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Improved Further, Expectations Up
15   Japan's Flow-of-Funds Data for Q2 Add to Questions about Economic Progress
15   U.S. Industrial Production Stalled in August
15   U.S. CPI Rose An Expected 0.2%
14   U.S. Import Prices Strong
14   U.S. Business Inventory Accumulation Up
14   Labor Force and Employment Gains Strong in Australia; Unemployment Hovers Near Record Low
14   U.S. Budget Deficit Deteriorated As Expected
14   U.S. Retail Sales Gain Light; Gasoline Prices Fell
14   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Fell Unexpectedly
13   UK Claimant Count Eases, Bringing Good News to Politicians, But Broader Unemployment and Employment Change Little
13   Mortgage Applications For Home Purchase Up
12   More Signs of Trouble Ahead for the Japanese Economy
12   Small Business Optimism At A Three Year Low
12   U.S. Chain Store Sales Slip Despite Lower Gasoline Prices
12   Record U.S. Foreign Trade Deficit Swelled By Higher Oil Prices
11   Japanese Machinery Orders Tumble in July
11   OECD Leaders Slip A Third Month
08   Canada Labor Market Pause into 3rd Month
08   August U.S. Vehicle Sales Reversed July's Gain
07   July Industrial Production Expands in Germany & Hungary; Industry Remains Pillar of Growth
07   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Fell
06   How Much Does It Cost To Produce Heat?
06   U.S. Mortgage Applications Recovered
06   U.S. Chain Store Sales Up Again, Gasoline Prices Down Sharply
06   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Improved
06   2Q U.S. Productivity Revised Up, Compensation Surged
05   Retail Trade Volume in the Euro Zone and the European Union: The Gap Continues to Widen
05   Challenger Layoffs Back Up
05   Home Prices: Sporadic Regional Declines
05   U.S. Construction Spending Drop Largest Since 2001
01   Commodity Prices Moderate in Australia After Explosion in Metals Sector
01   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Firmed in Late August
01   ISM Index About Stable, Prices Down
01   U.S. Payrolls On Target

August 2006

31   Consumer Confidence Falls in UK with Rising Concern over Economic Outlook
31   Help-Wanted Advertising: How Low Can It Go?
31   U.S. Factory Inventories Again Firm
31   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Dip
31   U.S. Personal Income Again Up 0.6%, Core Price Inflation Eased
30   Summer Retail Sales Slow in Japan & Italy, Firmer in Norway & Slovenia
30   ADP Nat'l Employment Report: Growth Stable & Slower
30   Mortgage Applications Portend Further Weakness in Housing
30   US GDP Growth Revised Up, Profit Growth Slowed
29   Japanese Household's Living Expenditures
29   Consumer Confidence Fell Sharply
29   Weekly Chain Store Sales Up, Gasoline Prices Down
28   Strong Increases in Wages in Estonia and Lithuania: Improved Confidence in Slovenia and Slovakia
28   Railcar Loadings, Truck Tonnage & Air Freight
25   New CPI Shows Smaller Upturn in Japanese Inflation
25   Monetary Policy's Posture: Many "Buts"
24   Poland Employment Gains; Unemployment Down, but Still Very High
24   New Home Sales Down, Inventory Ballooned
24   U.S. Durable Goods Firm Despite Volatile Aircraft
24   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Dip
23   Japan Trade Surplus Helped by More Car Exports, Flatter Oil Imports
23   U.S. Existing Home Sales Down
23   Mortgage Applications Lackluster, Rates Down
23   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity & Richmond Fed Mfg. Indexes Down
23   Mass Layoffs Up Again
22   Confidence in the Future among German Investors and Analysts Dips Sharply
22   "For the CPI excluding everything, inflation is zero."
22   Weekly Chain Store Sales Slip With Gasoline Prices
21   Are German Wage Increases Beginning to Have an Effect on Inflation?
21   Oil & Gold Prices Down. A Trend Reversal?
18   Brazil's Large Exports Yield Record Current Account Surplus in July
18   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Sagged
18   Philadelphia Fed Index Highest Since 2005
17   German Employment Grows in Q2 -- and So Does Productivity
17   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Reverse Increase
17   Leading Economic Indicators Dipped, Again
16   Q2 GDP Eases in Greece & Falls in the Palestinian Territories But Gains in Israel
16   Industrial Production Up With Temperatures
16   July Housing Starts Down Further
16   Mortgage Applications Up With More Refinancings
16   Core CPI Moderate As Energy Costs Jumped, Again
15   Turkey's Leading Composite Indicators and Business Confidence: Harbingers of Lower Growth?
15   NAHB Housing Market Index Continues to Drop
15   PPI Tame, Core Falls
15   Empire State Index Lower in August
14   European Commission Predicts Strong GDP Growth in the Euro Zone to Continue
11   European Countries' GDP Posting Strong Q2 Gains as Expected
11   U.S. Business Inventories Gain
11   U.S. Import Prices Up 0.9%
11   U.S. Retail Sales Larger than Expected
10   July U.S. Budget Deficit Better Than Expected
10   U.S. Foreign Trade Deficit Improved Slightly
10   U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Up Again
09   JOLTS: Job Hires and Separations Down
08   Federal Funds Rate Steady at 5.25%
08   Industrial Production Falters in Germany: Forges Ahead in Turkey, Hungary and Slovakia
08   Small Business Optimism Recovered
08   Weekly Chain Store Sales Slipped As Gasoline Prices Rose
08   2Q U.S. Productivity Up 1.1%, Costs Accelerated
07   Japan's Business Cycle Indicators
07   Forecast: Investment Spending on the Wane
04   Pause in Canada Labor Market Advance
04   U.S. Payrolls & Wages Moderate
03   CPI Inflation in Turkey & Macedonia: Up, but Not High
03   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Rose
03   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Off
03   U.S. Factory Inventory Accumulation Strong
02   Local Employment Data Show Gulf Port Cities Still Struggle 9 Months After Katrina, But Houston Gains
02   ADP Nat'l Employment Report: Slower Job Growth in July
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Up, But Struggle Against Incentives Last Year
02   Mortgage Applications Down Further
01   Euro Zone 2nd Quarter GDP Annual Rate of Growth May Exceed the 2.46% of the U. S.
01   ISM Index Recovered in July
01   U.S. Construction Spending Supported By Nonresidential
01   Challenger Layoffs Lowest Since 2000
01   Weekly Chain Store Sales Up Moderately
01   U.S. Personal Income Up 0.6% As Expected

July 2006

31   More Positive Indicators for Japan: Production, Shipments and Inventories
31   Chicago Surveys of Factory Activity Mixed
31   More Readings of 2Q Price Inflation
28   Japan Labor Data Ease in June, But Conditions Remain Positive
28   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Improved in Late July
28   Gain in the U.S. Employment Cost Index Accelerated
28   U.S. GDP Growth Slowed
27   Low Unemployment in Nordic Countries
27   U.S. New Home Sales & Prices Fell
27   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Surged
27   U.S. Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Fell Further
27   U.S. Help-Wanted Advertising Remained Low
26   UK CBI Industrial Trends Survey Yields Mixed Picture
26   U.S. Mortgage Applications Wilt Under Summer Heat
26   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity & Richmond Fed Factory Indexes Up
25   Consumer and Business Confidence Measures in France, Italy and the Netherlands
25   U.S. Consumer Confidence Improved Unexpectedly
25   Price Concessions Support U.S. Existing Home Sales
25   Modest Gains in Weekly U.S. Chain Store Sales Leave Month Short
24   South Korea Trade in Goods: Small Deficit in Won Terms in June, Terms of Trade Continue Unfavorable
24   ECRI Leading Index Flat During 2006
21   UK GDP: Unexpected Pick-Up in Q2 Growth
21   Regional Fed Bank Surveys Indicate Slower Growth
20   Egypt's Current Account Surplus Boosted by Large Canal Tolls, Tourism and Petroleum; Direct Investment Gains
20   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Index Lowest Since January
20   Leading Economic Indicators Nudged Higher
20   Mass Layoffs Rose in June and During 2Q
20   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance At One Month Low
19   Building Plans Moderate in South Africa, but Recent Strength Puts Plans Well Ahead of Completions
19   NAHB Housing Market Index Lowest Since 1991
19   Mortgage Applications Confirm Housing Soft in July
19   June Housing Starts Fell More Than Expected
19   Core CPI Firmer Than Expected
18   More German Investors Confident about Current Conditions but Many More Wary of the Future
18   June PPI Firm & Core Tame M/M, Pricing Trends Elevated
18   Gasoline Prices Rose Last Week
17   Monitoring the Economic Effects of the Middle East Conflict
17   Empire State Index Slipped During July
17   June Industrial Production Rebounded
14   Bank of Japan Raises Key Interest Rates
14   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Sagged
14   Import Prices Up Just 0.1%
14   U.S. Business Inventories Gain
14   U.S. Retail Sales Lower Due To Weakness in Autos & Housing
14   MAPI Business Outlook Survey Off Moderately
13   June CPI Stays Low in France & Germany
13   June U.S. Budget Surplus As Expected
13   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Increased
12   UK Labor Market Data Show Rising Unemployment But Stable Employment & Firm Wages
12   U.S. Int'l Trade Deficit Deepened Less Than Expected
12   Mortgage Applications Up, Rates Stable
11   Japanese Consumer Sentiment Wavers: Price Expectations Suggest that Concern over Inflation Is Replacing that over Deflation
11   Small Business Optimism Continued Lower
11   Chain Store Sales Rose Slightly
11   Gasoline Prices Up With Demand
10   May Industrial Production Up Sharply in France and Greece, Less So in Sweden and Turkey, but the Latter Two Show Greater Long Term Growth
10   OECD Leaders Slip, North America Down
07   Chile & Copper: Higher Prices Boost Exports & Trade Balance
07   Growth in U.S. Payrolls Moderate, Wages Jump
06   Mortgage Equity Withdrawal Stages Partial Recovery in Both US and UK; UK House Prices Moderating
06   U.S. Factory Inventory Accumulation Stalled in May
06   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Down
06   Challenger Layoffs Rose
06   Mortgage Applications Up, Rates Fell
06   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Fell
05   U.S. Vehicle Sales Up a Bit
05   High & Dry: June Temperature Near Record and Rainfall Well Below Average
05   Chain Store Sales Fell Again, Gasoline Prices Rose
05   ADP Nat'l Employment Report Indicates Strength in June
03   Japan's "TANKAN" Steady at Higher Readings; High Investment Forecast Adds to Expectations of Hike in BoJ Interest Rate
03   U.S. Construction Spending Off Again
03   ISM Index Disappointing Again in June, but Orders Up

June 2006

30   Japan Employment Hesitates, But Remains High; Unemployment Rate at 8-Year Low
30   U.S. Consumers' Spirits Rose Further as Inflation Expectations Fell
30   U.S. Personal Income Firm, Prices Tame
29   Fed Funds Rate Increased to 5.25%
29   Hesitant Improvement in German Labor Markets; Employment Still Flat, but Job Vacancies Are Increasing
29   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Again Up Slightly
29   Help-Wanted Advertising Lowest Since 1961
29   US GDP & Profits Revised Up for 1Q. Price Gain Easier
28   Wider Current Account Deficit in Lithuania; Slight Improvement in Bosnia & Herzegovina
28   Mortgage Applications Fell Hard, Rates Above 7%
27   Business Confidence in Europe Still Strong in Spite of Euro Strength, High Oil Prices and Rising Interest Rates
27   U.S. Existing Home Sales Decline As Expected
27   Consumer Confidence Improved A Bit
27   Chain Store Sales Fell
26   Business Confidence Strengthens in Belgium But Weakens in France
26   New Home Sales Continued Firm
23   Poland Unemployment Rate at 4-Year Low
23   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Off Slightly
22   Refinery Gasoline Production Reaches Record in New Seasonally Adjusted Weekly Data
22   Leading Economic Indicators Down Third Month in Four
22   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Up Slightly
21   Gold Prices Crater, Oil Off a Bit But Inflation Pressure Up
21   Japanese Business Confidence Diminishes Ahead of Possible Rate Hike
21   Mortgage Applications Dip, # of Unsold Homes Soar
20   Employment Situation in Italy Improves: Foreign New Orders up Sharply
20   Chain Store Sales Stable As Gas Prices Fell
20   Housing Starts Rebound
20   NAHB Housing Market Index Down Again
19   Euro Zone Trade Deficit Increases in April: Rising Cost of Petroleum Imports the Culprit
19   Empire State Index Recovered in June
16   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Dipped
16   U.S. Consumers Felt a Little Better in Early June
16   U.S. Current Account Deficit Narrowed Unexpectedly
15   Industrial Production Lower in May
15   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Drop Again
14   Mortgage Applications Recovered Last Week
14   CPI Rising More Quickly
13   U.S. Budget Deficit Deeper
13   German Investors Lose Confidence in Economic Outlook, While Industrialists Remain Sanguine
13   Small Business Optimism Back Down, Pricing Power Firm
13   Chain Store Sales Recover
13   Gasoline Prices Rose Again, Demand Down Y/Y
13   U.S. Retail Sales Increase As Expected
13   PPI Tame, Core firm
12   More Uncomfortable Signs of Inflation: German Wholesale Prices
12   OECD Leaders Up Again
09   UK Trade Deficit Stabilizes in April; Fuel Turns a Slight Surplus
09   1Q Debt Debt Growth Fastest Y/Y Since 1999
09   April U.S. Trade Deficit Deepened Less Than Expected
09   Import Prices Jumped; Excl. Oil Strength in Industrial Materials
08   Central Banks in Many Countries Raise Base Rates
08   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Fell To Two Month Low
07   Austria's Wholesale Prices: Some Evidence of Mounting Inflation Pressure, but Clothing and Capital Goods Are Notable Exceptions
07   Inflation Expectations Rise
07   Mortgage Applications Fell Further
06   Good News for the Service Industries in the Euro Zone from the May PMI Surveys
06   JOLTS: Job Openings Steady, Hires Rate Down
06   Chain Store Sales Stabilize
06   Gasoline Prices Rose Last Week
05   First Quarter, 2006 Corporate Profitability in Japan At Peak Levels: Fuels Increase in Capital Spending
05   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Decline As Expected
02   EMPL Database Facilitates Labor Force Analysis; Example: Elderly Workers on the Rise
02   U.S. Factory Inventory Accumulation Regained Momentum
02   U.S. Employment & Wage Growth Slowed
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Down, Light Truck Sales Down Hard
01   Home Prices Rose More Slowly
01   Challenger Layoffs Fell Again
01   PMI Surveys Show Good Manufacturing Growth in Many Countries
01   ISM Index Decline Reflected Broad Component Weakness
01   U.S. Construction Spending Slipped
01   1Q U.S. Productivity Revised Up
01   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Rose

May 2006

31   ADP Nat'l Employment Report: Slimmer Gain in May Payrolls
31   Q1 GDP Strong in India; Growth Uneven but on Trend in Malaysia & the Philippines
31   Chain Store Sales Fell Sharply
31   Mortgage Applications Off
30   Consumer Confidence Fell Less Than Expected
26   Japan's Net Investment Position Eased in 2005 as the Value of Foreign Investment Surged
26   U.S. Personal Income Gain Light, Wages Soared, Prices Up
26   U.S. Consumers' Funk Didn't Deepen in Late May
25   New Zealand Trade Deficit Diminishes as Gains in Dairy Exports Help Offset Petroleum Imports
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Decline As Expected
25   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Back Down
25   1Q US GDP Growth Revised Up, Profits Soared
24   UK and German Business Confidence Gains Pause in May; Export Demand Favorable
24   New Orders for U.S. Durable Goods Fell
24   New Home Sales Again Rose Unexpectedly
24   Mortgage Applications Recovered
23   Dutch, Slovene and Italian Consumers a Little More Confident: Dutch, Slovene, and French Business a Little Less So
23   Chain Store Sales Down Again With Gasoline Prices
22   Euro Zone Has Small Surplus on Trade in Goods in March: EU 25 a Smaller Deficit
22   Inflation Pressure Up
19   Japan's Growth Gains Footing on Rise in Domestic Demand
19   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Up
19   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Improved
18   Canada CPI: Up with Energy, But Restrained by Strong Currency
18   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Surge
18   Leading Economic Indicators Dip, March Revised Up
17   Firm Q1 Growth in Singapore Prompts Hike in "Official" 2006 Forecast; Net Exports, Business Equipment Investment Lead
17   CPI Up 0.6% Due To Energy & Services
17   Mortgage Applications Recovered
17   Chain Store Sales Unchanged. Gasoline Prices Jumped
16   A Stronger Euro and Rising Oil Prices Shake German Investors' Confidence
16   PPI Up Expected 0.9%, Core Tame
16   Industrial Production Jumped
16   Housing Starts Lowest Since 2004
15   NAHB Housing Market Index Lowest Since 1995
15   A Bad Week for Domestic and International Stock Markets
15   Empire State Index Easier Again, Expected Conditions Off Sharply
15   Europe Led the OECD Leaders Up
12   Australia Home Financing Commitments Recoup 2004 Reductions
12   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Fell: Inflation Expectations Surged
12   U.S. Import Prices Jumped
12   U.S. Trade Deficit Lower: Exports Surged, Oil Prices Fell
11   First Q1 GDP Releases Show Signs of Life in Europe
11   U.S. Business Inventories Gain
11   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Rose Again
11   U.S. Retail Sales Gain Light
10   UK Trade Flows Show Strengthening Trend; Deficit Narrows in March
10   U.S. Budget Surplus Doubled in April
10   Fed Funds Rate Increased to 5.00%
10   U.S. Mortgage Applications Crimped By Higher Rates
09   European Industrial Production: Germany, an Unexpected Sharp Decline; Hungary and Slovakia, Show Continued Strength
09   U.S. Small Business Optimism Recovered
09   U.S. Chain Store Sales Fell With Gasoline Prices
08   European Commission Raises Forecast for EU and Euro Zone
08   Fewer Jobs in U.S. Retail - Fluke or a Telling Indicator?
05   Euro-Zone Banks Ease Credit Standards for Business, See Stronger Loan Demand
05   U.S. Job Growth Slowed, Wage Inflation Accelerated
04   Retail Trade Stagnates in Europe, But Shows Some Vigor in Slovenia and South Africa
04   1Q U.S. Productivity Improved, Profits' Implication Good
04   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims in U.S. Up
03   ADP National Employment Report & U.S. Payrolls
03   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Up Again
03   U.S. Factory Inventories Accumulate
03   U.S. Auto Sales Up, Light Truck Sales Down
02   UK Mortgage Lending Up but Consumer Credit Down
02   When Shoppers Shop ...
02   Gasoline Prices Stable Last Week, But ...
02   Challenger Layoffs Lower Still
01   No Surprises in China's Balance of Payments and Trade Data
01   U.S. Income, Spending & Prices Firm in March
01   ISM Activity & Pricing Indexes Up
01   U.S. Construction Again Firm

April 2006

28   Jobs in Canada Show Pick-Up, Even in Manufacturing
28   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Slipped in Late April
28   Employment Cost Index Eased
28   US GDP Growth Back on Track in 1Q
27   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Maintain Tight Range
26   UK GDP: Broader, Steadier Growth in Q1
26   Mortgage Applications Plummet
26   New Home Sales Surged Unexpectedly
26   U.S. Durable Goods Orders' Rise = Factory Sector Resilience
25   German and Dutch Business Confidence Continues to Rise: Dutch Consumers Less Negative
25   Consumer Confidence Rose To Four Year High
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Increased Unexpectedly
25   Chain Store Sales Hold The High Ground, Gas Prices Surge Further
24   Manufacturers in Belgium and France Report Improving Current Conditions and Prospects: Wholesale and Retail Trade Merchants in Belgium Less Optimistic
24   $73.83: Oil & Water
21   Consumer Prices in Asia
21   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Index Up Slightly
21   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Recovered
21   Mass Layoffs Remained Low in March
20   Consumer Prices Remain Restrained through March in Europe & Canada
20   Leading Economic Indicators Down For Second Month
20   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Drop
19   Slovenia: Labor Market Hesitation Follows Good Growth in 2005
19   CPI Up An Expected 0.4% During March
19   Mortgage Applications Down Further
18   English and Welsh Housing Market Shows Improvement
18   Housing Starts Down More Than Expected
18   NAHB Housing Market Index Lowest Since Late 2001
18   Chain Store Sales & Gasoline Prices Strong Again
18   PPI Moderate, As Expected
17   Household Confidence in Japan Weakens, but Still High by Historical Standards
17   Industrial Production Rose Further
17   Empire State Index Fell Sharply
14   Commercial Paper Shows Rapid Growth: Consumer-Credit-Backed Paper and Foreign Issuers Increase Their Share in Newly Restructured Data
13   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Inched Higher
13   U.S. Budget Deficit Deeper The Last Two Months
13   U.S. Business Inventories Slipped
13   UK Business Showing Tentative Pick-Up, According to BCC Q1 Survey
13   Import Prices Fell Again
13   U.S. Retail Sales Rebound
13   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Up
12   Stirrings of Industrial Production Growth in Italy, Netherlands; India Extends Uptrend
12   U.S. Trade Deficit Down
12   Mortgage Applications Back Down
11   Commodity Prices in the News and in Haver
11   JOLTS: Openings Steady at Upwardly Revised Level
11   Chain Store Sales Surge Despite Gasoline Price Jump
11   Small Business Optimism Drooped
10   Industrial Production in Europe: East and West
10   OECD Leaders Improved
07   Canadian Unemployment Hits 31-Year Low in March; Employers Add 50,000 New Workers
07   U.S. Payrolls Up, Unemployment Down
06   Employment Grows in Israel; Wages Rise, but Lose Ground to Inflation
06   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Below Expectations
05   MIT Center for Real Estate Compiles Price and Total Return Indexes for Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Properties Earn 34% in 2005
05   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Sustained Improvement
05   Mortgage Applications Manage Late-March Recovery
04   Accumulation of Foreign Reserves of Developing Countries in the Far East Slowing: Shift in Composition of Holdings of All Developing Countries
04   Challenger Layoffs Skid Further
04   U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Soft
04   Chain Store Sales Soft as Gasoline Prices Surged
03   Purchasing Managers in Europe Report Good Improvement in the Manufacturing Sector
03   ISM Index Off Unexpectedly, Pricing Pressure Up
03   U.S. Construction Rose

March 2006

31   More Good News from Japan: Lower Unemployment, Higher CPI
31   U.S. Factory Inventories Flew Off The Shelves
31   U.S. Personal Income Gain Light
31   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Recovered Late in March
30   French Consumers Look for Higher Unemployment; German Jobs and Unemployment Little Changed in Latest Labor Data
30   US 4Q GDP Little Revised at 1.7%, Profits Surged
30   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Drop
29   Retail Sales Lag Shops' Plans in March, New CBI Distributive Trades Survey Shows
29   Mortgage Applications Recover Some
28   FOMC Increased Fed Funds Rate to 4.75%
28   Business Confidence Improves in Germany and Italy; Is Unchanged in France
28   Consumer Confidence Up Sharply
28   Chain Store Sales Slide, Gasoline Prices Up
27   Another Indication of the End of Deflation in Japan: Prices of Commercial Land Rise in Metropolitan Areas
27   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Up, But ...
24   New Home Sales Fall 10.5% in February; Inventories Rose and Prices Declined
23   Chemical Prices Surge with Petroleum, But Some Stabilize or Even Decline Recently
23   U.S. Existing Home Sales Up
23   February U.S. Budget Deficit Deeper, Fiscal YTD Narrower
23   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Drop
22   Total European Factory Orders Down in January, But Most Industries Have Gains
22   Gasoline Prices Up On Stronger Demand
22   Mortgage Applications Down Further
21   Early Indicators Pointing to Good First Quarter for Finland
21   Producer Price Index Down, Core Prices Firm
21   Chain Store Sales Flat
20   Inflation at the Producer Level Heats up in Germany
20   Leading Economic Indicators Fell
20   ECRI Leading Index: Momentum Strength Diminished
17   "All Economics Is Local": Labor Markets in US Cities
17   Industrial Production Up As Expected
17   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Unchanged
16   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Index Off
16   France, Netherlands & Slovenia See Better Labor Market Conditions in Late 2005 and Early 2006
16   Housing Starts Decline Mostly Reflected Multi-Family
16   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Higher Again
16   CPI Eased: Energy Prices Lower
15   UK Employment Conditions Continue To Erode
15   Mortgage Applications Meander, Interest Rates Jump Further
15   Import Prices Back Down
15   Small Business Optimism Up, Hiring Firm
15   Empire State Index Surged
14   U.S. Business Inventories Up a Bit More Than Expected
14   JOLTS: Openings Steady
14   A Sampling of Industrial Production Reports Suggests Economic Growth in Continental Europe Still on the Low Side
14   U.S. Current Account Deficit By Far a Record
14   U.S. Retail Sales Off, But...
14   Chain Store Sales Inched Higher
13   Japanese Consumers Maintain Confidence: More Households Expect Prices to Rise Than to Fall
13   OECD Leaders' Gains Slower but Suggest Economic Growth
10   What Is MEW? How Is It Calculated? Is It a Source of Free Money for Consumers?
10   U.S. Payrolls Advance
09   4Q Debt Fueled By Government Budget Deficit, 2005 By the Consumer
09   Bank of Japan To Implement "Un-Ease": A Follow-Up
09   U.S. Trade Deficit Surged Due to Higher Imports
09   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Highest in Two Months
08   Bank Lending "Grows" in Japan; First Time in More Than 9 Years
08   Mortgage Applications Ticked Up But Interest Rates Jumped
07   Foreign Demand for German Manufactures Continues to Boost New Orders
07   Decline in 4Q U.S. Productivity Little Revised
07   Chain Store Sales Higher Again
06   2005 GDP in Thailand: Last of Major Pacific Rim Countries to Report
06   Commodity Prices Strong - Except Natural Gas
06   U.S. Factory Inventories Up, Orders Drop Belies Factory Strength
03   Euro-zone Growth Eases to 0.3% in Q4
03   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Fell Throughout February
03   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Recovered
02   January Retail Trade Gains in 4 Very Diverse Places
02   U.S. Vehicle Sales Down in February
02   U.S. Construction Increase Light
02   Challenger Layoffs Down Sharply
02   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Ticked Higher
01   Rumors of Home Prices' Demise Exaggerated
01   ISM Index Recovered, New Orders Surged
01   Chain Store Sales Surged
01   Mortgage Applications Off Sharply
01   U.S. Personal Income & Spending Firm Again

February 2006

28   Second Estimate of Q4 05 GDP Shows Moderately Higher Growth: 1.6% (SAAR) vs 1.1%
27   New One-Family Home Sales Decline: Inventories Rise
24   Brazil GDP Has Mild Rebound in Q4 from Q3 Drop
24   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Plunge Due To Aircraft
23   German Ifo Surprises on the Upside, Reaches Highest in Nearly 15 Years
23   Initial Claims for Jobless Insurance Back Down
23   Help-Wanted Advertising Dipped
23   Mass Layoffs Lowest Since 2000
22   Better Manufacturing Sector Prospects in Europe and the UK
22   CPI Lifted By Energy & Food
22   Mortgage Applications Inched Up
22   Chain Store Sales Recovered Some
21   A Stunning Rise in French New Industrial Orders: Better GDP Growth Ahead?
21   Leading Economic Indicators Surged
21   ECRI Leading Index Down Recently, Momentum Improved
20   Cross Currents in the Italian Economy: Industrial Sales and New Orders Rising, Trade Deficit Exploding
17   Japan GDP Grows 5.5% in Q4; Shows Biggest Yearly Gains in 9 Years
17   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Index Improved
17   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Down Unexpectedly
17   Producer Price Index Firm
16   German Employment Falls in Q4; Gain in Public Sector, but Private Sector Jobs Base Has Marked Erosion
16   Import Prices Back Up
16   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Up Again
16   Housing Starts Lifted By Mild Weather
16   NAHB Housing Market Index Unchanged at a Low Level
15   Foreign Investors Slow Net Buying of Securities from US Investors in December
15   Industrial Production Off Due to Warm Weather
15   Empire State Index Stable
15   Mortgage Applications Reversed January Uptick
14   Estimates of GDP Growth in Europe Confirm the Slowdown in Q4, 2005 But Investors Remain Confident That Improvement Lies Ahead
14   U.S. Business Inventories Up Again
14   Small Business Optimism Dipped
14   U.S. Retail Sales Surged As Temperatures Warmed
14   Chain Store Sales Dipped Last Week
13   First Y/Y Increase in Japanese Corporate Prices of Final Goods Since 1998
13   U.S. Budget Surplus Up Due to Strong Receipts
13   OECD Leaders Rose Further
10   U.S. 2005 Trade Deficit Another Record Paced by Oil & China
09   Pakistan Balance of Payments Bolstered in Q4 by Larger Direct Investment Flows
09   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Ticked Up
08   January Inflation Creeps Up in Czech Republic, Latvia; Restrained in Albania
08   Mortgage Applications Lower Again
08   Natural Gas Prices Down Sharply
07   Germany: December Industrial Production Suggests a Slow Q4 in 2005, Labor Unrest Ahead?
07   JOLTS: More U.S. Job Openings, Less Hiring?
07   Chain Store Sales Up, Gasoline Prices Down
06   German New Orders and Sales Decline in December
06   Gold & Oil Prices Higher Still
03   Large Shipments to China Help Australia Trade Balance
03   ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Fell
03   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Slipped Late in January
03   U.S. Factory Inventory Accumulation Slowed
03   U.S. Payrolls Just Below Expectations, Jobless Rate Lowest Since 2001
02   European Construction Activity Picks Up Some Steam
02   Fleet Purchases Raised U.S. Vehicle Sales in January
02   U.S. Productivity Fell During 4Q '05
02   Challenger Layoffs Retreated
02   Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Fell
01   Russian Growth Moderates in 2005; Inflation Still Up in Double-Digits
01   ISM Index Eased
01   U.S. Construction Increase Firm
01   Mortgage Applications' Rebound Cut Short

January 2006

31   Economic Sentiment and Consumer Confidence in Europe Improve
31   Fed Funds Rate Increased to 4.50%
31   Consumer Confidence Up: Jobs Plentiful, Inflation Stable
31   Employment Cost Index Steady Last Quarter, Down During '05
31   Chain Store Sales Lower, Gasoline Prices Up
30   Industrial Production in Japan Rises for Fifth Successive Month
30   U.S. Personal Income & Spending Firm
27   Japan CPI Rises in December, a Second Consecutive Year/Year Increase
27   US 4Q GDP Weak Due To Lower Autos & Lower Defense
27   New Home Sales Finished a Record 2005 Firm, Prices Soft
26   BIS Totals $20.7 Trillion in International Banking Assets on 9/30
26   U.S. Durable Goods Orders Recover
26   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Up A Bit
25   UK GDP Rises 0.6% in Q4: A Brief Summary
25   German Ifo Business Climate Index Turns Positive in January; Prospects in France Modestly Favorable
25   U.S. Existing Home Sales Fell A Third Month
25   NAHB Housing Market Index Stable at Low Level
25   Mortgage Applications Up As Interest Rates Remain Down
25   Chicago Fed Nat'l Activity Index Down
25   Mass Layoffs Jumped in December
24   CBI (Confederation of British Industries): Orders Decline, Price Squeeze Continues
24   Chain Store Sales Edged Up, With Gasoline Prices
23   Leading Economic Indicators' Gain Light
23   Energy Prices Mixed
20   Retail Demand Holds Up in Several Countries, Especially for Durable Goods
20   U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rose Further
20   Second Mortgages in the U.S.
19   Philadelphia Fed Business Activity Off Sharply
19   Italian Industry Moves Unevenly Higher Through November
19   Housing Starts Fell To Lowest Level Since March
19   Initial Jobless Insurance Claims Dropped Sharply
18   UK Labor Market Weakens in Late 2005
18   CPI Fell Again, Unexpectedly; 2005 Strongest Since 2000
18   Chain Store Sales Fell Last Week
18   Mortgage Applications Up With More Refinancing
17   Canadian Business Expects Further Increases in Sales, but Sees More Difficulty in Meeting Demand
17   Empire State Index Slipped
17   Industrial Output Gain Led By High Tech
16   Japan's Balance of Payment: Net Income from Overseas Transactions Currently Is Greater than Trade in Goods Balance
13   CPI Inflation Slows Further in France for December, Still Restrained in Spain, Finland and Slovakia
13   U.S. Business Inventory Accumulation Steady
13   U.S. Retail Sales Light in December
13   PPI Rise Doubled Expectations
12   Australian Employment Performance Hesitates at End-2005 After Potent Gains in Earlier Months
12   U.S. Trade Deficit Narrowed as Oil Prices Fell
12   Import Prices Fell Again
12   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Lowest Since 2000
11   Industrial Production Mixed in Europe in late 2005, but Mostly Keeping to Growth Path
11   Mortgage Applications Recovered
10   German Investors and Analysts More Confident of Improving Economy and Profits
10   Gold & Gasoline Prices Up
10   Chain Store Sales: A Firm Start to the New Year
10   Small Business Optimism Up Slightly
09   News from Central and Eastern Europe
09   OECD Leaders Rose Broadly Amongst Member Countries
06   Canada Employment Eases in December, But Only in Elderly Age Group
06   Shortfall in U.S. Payrolls Offset By Upward Revision
06   Challenger Layoffs Up Again in December
05   UK Corporations' Profitability Still Firm, Led by High Oil Company Returns
05   ISM: Activity Outside the Factory Sector Recovered
05   Chain Store Sales Dipped
05   U.S. Vehicle Sales Recovered at Yearend, Along With Gas Price
05   Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Lowest Since 2000
04   Higher CPI in Thailand Is Rare Instance of Energy Cost Pass-Through
04   U.S. Factory Inventories and Backlogs Up
04   Mortgage Applications Down With Fewer For Purchase, Delinquencies Up
03   Good News on German Unemployment
03   ISM Index Fell Further
03   U.S. Construction Gain Eased, Single Family Still Strong