Recent Updates

  • US: Import & Export Prices, IP & Capacity Utilization (Jan), Monthly GDP (Nov)
  • US: Monthly GDP (Nov)
  • Housing Market Statistics (Jan)
  • *Israel CPI rebased to 2018=100*
  • US: Industrial Production Detail (Jan)
  • Canada: International Transactions in Securities (Dec)
  • US: Empire State Mfg Survey (Feb)
  • Kosovo: CPI (Jan)
  • more updates...

Economy in Brief

About the Author

Joseph Aguinaldo

Joseph Aguinaldo is the Director of Data Research and Documentation at Haver Analytics where he manages a team of economists who write economic commentaries and a team of research analysts who conduct quality assurance checks on economic data and organize the data content of Haver's various economic databases.

He has more than 20 years of experience in time series analysis and forecasting with primary emphasis on seasonal adjustment. In addition to generating moving holiday regressors for seasonal adjustment of monthly and quarterly time series for emerging market economies, he has also applied techniques developed by the Federal Reserve Board to seasonal adjustment of weekly time series.

Joseph received his Ph.D. in Economics from Fordham University in 2000.